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Kanpur News Groom reached Kanpur with procession, bride made court wedding with her lover



Shocking news came out of UP’s Kanpur campaign. When the groom arrived here with a bridal procession, he was shocked when he learned of the wedding at the bride’s court.

Gaurav Rathore, Kanpur Dehat: The groom (soldier) who arrived dancing and singing with his friends after taking the wedding procession had a great shock when he learned after the dvarchar that the bride had married her lover in court. Hearing this, the husband became angry. His relatives also sparked an uproar. The bride had hidden the affair of the marriage at court from her lover. When things went wrong, the police arrived. The procession returned. The lover was called from Lucknow and made rounds. This case concerns the city of Akbarpur, Kanpur Dehat.

The marriage of a girl from Shankardayal Nagar of Akbarpur town has been fixed with a UP police constable from Bansathi village of Chaubepur Kanpur. The soldier had been planning the wedding for months. The motorcade reached the wedding lawn on Badhapur Road on Tuesday. People from the girls’ side also rallied. The procession was welcomed. Until then, no one knew anything. Friends and family members of the groom dance and sing along with bandbaje from Janwase to Dwarchar. After the completion of this ritual, other rituals began. Meanwhile, the father of the bride learned that the girl had already made a court marriage with her lover living in Vikas Nagar, Lucknow. He was amazed to hear that. The bride had hidden this very thing from her relatives.

The father of the bride informed the groom and his father

He should not fail to welcome the baraati, when the busy bride’s father learned of the girl’s deed, he first sat wherever he was. After sitting for a while, the family members explained to them that they had to give this information to the relatives of the groom. After that, he went to see the groom and his father with a heavy heart. Calling them separately, they said that the girl had already made a court marriage. Hearing this, silence spread from the side of the groom.

The people on the groom’s side created a ruckus

There was resentment among the people on the groom’s side that if the girl had already married her lover, she should tell everyone before the wedding procession arrived. Now all relatives and close friends of the groom come here in the procession. In such a situation, his family is defamed. With that, the groom’s relatives started a ruckus. Someone gave this information to UP 112 police. Akbarpur city outpost, Kotwal Pramod Kumar Shukla and UP 112 police reached the place. Kotwal said the two sides were pacified after being explained. The procession is back.

What answer am I going to give the officers now?

After months of preparing for the wedding, inviting friends to attend the motorcade and doing a lot of shopping, the married soldier who arrived with the motorcade was in for a big shock. He told friends that by giving cards to officers he had given them leave by invoking his marriage. What will I tell you when I return? However, after that, some of his friends were seen laughing at him.

Called from Lucknow and toured with her lover

After the constable’s procession returned, the people on the bride’s side felt embarrassed. Some people have tried to make a point. With that, the bride was obliged to call her lover. The bride called him. When he reached the wedding lawn with his family members, he was forced to go there with simplicity. After that, the bride was fired.

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