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Kanpur News Irfan Solanki appeared in Kanpur court



SP MP Irfan Solanki appeared in court. During this time, charges could not be brought against him. Irfan Solanki has been informed of the date of the next hearing.

Kanpur: SP MP Irfan Solanki is being prosecuted. On Saturday, no charges could be brought against Irfan Solanki in the case of arson and air travel with a fake Aadhaar card. The MP was brought from Maharajganj Jail to Kanpur Court under strict security conditions. Pointing to his supporters, the MP said ‘the one above is watching’. Irfan was produced in the MP-MLA court. Charges could not be filed even after the court proceedings lasted nearly three hours.

Irfan Solanki was brought before the court of Special Judge Satyendranath Tripathi of the MP-MLA Sessions Court. Charges were to be brought against Irfan in the arson case. After that, Irfan’s brother Rizwan was brought to court. Along with this, other defendants related to this case have been presented in court. On behalf of Shaukat, the defendant in the arson case, attorney Ravindra Verma filed a motion for acquittal. After the hearing, the court gave the date of March 6, due to which the charges could not be framed.

March 17 receipt date

After that, the MP MP was brought before the court of Lower Court Judge Alok Yadav in the case of air travel with a fake Aadhaar card. Irfan was to be charged with fake Aadhaar card for air travel. Lawyer Ravindra Verma filed a request for acquittal on behalf of the PS leader’s brother, Noori Shaukat, Ashraf Ali and Moussa Ishrat. Along with this, the prosecution attorney opposed the request for discharge on behalf of Ammar Elahi, Noori’s driver. After hearing all parties, the court gave the date of March 17.

I have faith in the justice of Yogi ji

MP Irfan Solanki’s brother, Rizwan, was also brought before the court. For the first time after the hearing, Rizwan spoke to the media. He said that we have full confidence in Yogi ji’s justice. The plot on which the arson is alleged, we bought it from KDA.

had emotion meeting the children

When SP MLA Irfan Solanki took to the pitch, he pointed the finger at his supporters. He pointed and said “the one above sees everything, there’s no sound in his stick”. Along with this, his wife, children and relatives were present at the courthouse in Irfan. Irrfan became emotional after meeting the children. Seeing the father, the children also embraced him.

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