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Kanpur: Sir, I want to study… Mother wants to make money by selling me, the innocent pleads with the police, do you know the whole affair?



Sumit Sharma, Kanpur: The manual labor of a Kayugi mother has come to the fore in Kanpur. A 15-year-old girl studying in class 11 broke down in tears in front of police commissioner BP Jogdand. The student told the police commissioner that sir save me from my mother. Sir, I want to study and my mother wants to sell me and earn money. We left three sisters and went with the lover. When the father and maternal uncle protested, they were sent to prison after being involved in bogus business. Now she is pressuring me to sell the house and donate the money or else she will sue her. The PC ordered the Panki Police to investigate and take action.

Sunil Kumar Prajapati, a resident of Panki Katra located in the Panki Police Station area, works as a peddler selling toys. The family consists of the wife Sarita, the eldest daughter Kaushik (15 years old) alias Mona, the second daughter (12 years old) and the youngest (03 years old). Sunil Kumar’s wife fled with her lover in June 2021, leaving behind three daughters. Meanwhile, the youngest daughter was a few months old.

save me and my mother family
Mona told the police commissioner that my dad woke up every morning and made us school tiffin. After that, we will drop the two sisters off at school. When the youngest sister was in the dock, the mother was gone. Dad sells plastic toys. We all live with my father in the old house. My mother bothers my father a lot.

If the house is sold, where will the three sisters live?
The student said my father was not at fault. Even after that, the mother and her lover had sent the father and the maternal uncle to prison. In reality father and maternal uncle had opposed the flight of the mother. Along with this, the father was also beaten there. The mother constantly asks the father for money. She says sell house and give money else I will send you to jail. For not selling the house and not giving money, 6 lawsuits were filed against the father by the court. If our house is sold, where will we be, our three sisters?

Panki police station chief handed over for investigation
According to Police Commissioner BP Jogdand, Sunil Prajapati had come from Panki with three daughters. He said his wife left her daughters and ran away with another person. Sunil’s wife has settled five to six cases, and she is pressuring him to sell the house and donate money. Panki Police Station was headed. Sunil Prajapati was sent to Panki. It’s a family affair, both parties will be called and discussed. Whatever facts will be investigated, action will be taken on the same basis.