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Katta Tankar said – I am Atiq’s man…Police taught man a lesson showing hooliganism in his in-laws house by taking mafia name



Rae Baréli/Prayagraj: Atiq Ahmed has been in the headlines for a few days. Mafia Atiq’s name has been under discussion since the murder of Umesh Pal last month. Ateeq who rose from the streets of crime to sit in the presidency of politics is not limited to Prayagraj’s Chakia, Dhunamganj, Kareli, Khuldabad. The terror of Atiq, who is in prison, has spread to neighboring regions. His trademark was seen in Rae Bareli, where a man from Prayagraj had come to take his wife to his in-laws. But he had trouble naming the mafia.

Nafees Ahmed, a resident of Prayagraj, had reached his in-laws’ house in the Bachhrawan town of Rae Bareli. The wedding took place 4 years ago, but fed up with family discord and divorce threats, the woman returned to her maternal home 3 months ago with the children. Nafees came to his in-laws with his friend Asif. But there, the controversy grew.

Another Atiq shooter killed in the Umesh Pal murder case, Usman, who shot first, was killed by police in an encounter
Nafees had an argument with her in-laws. He pointed an illegal gun at the king’s brother-in-law. At the same time, taking the name of the imprisoned mafia Atiq Ahmed, he began to call himself his relative and also threatened to kill him. Seeing the situation become serious, the people of the neighborhood warn the police. Meanwhile, Nafees and Asif left from there.
160 files registered against Atiq Ahmed and his family, will the police of CM Yogi really mix the mafia in the ground!
Acting proactively, the Rae Bareli police caught the two of them near a gas station a little further away. After investigation, illegal weapons and cartridges were also recovered from the accused’s car. Police station chairman Narayan Kushwaha said the defendants were arrested after taking possession of the car. Along with this, the issue of kinship with Atiq Ahmed also turned out to be wrong.