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Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan on Kashmiri Pandits



Barilly: Governor of Kerala Arif Mohammad Khan said that Allah loves those who do justice. He said that the Kashmiri pundits were forced to leave their homes, Allah’s punishment will be upon them.

Speaking to reporters at Circuit House on Thursday afternoon, he said Allah only allows weapons to be raised in one place, when someone is oppressed. Speaking on the Kashmiri Pandits, he expressed the pain of the Kashmiri Pandits from an open platform and said those who forced the Kashmiri Pandits out of their homes, will Allah not ravage them not ?

‘Why do you interfere in the will of Allah’
He said that there was foreign rule in the country for thousands of years, but there was no threat to the culture of this country. He said that Allah wants to maintain different religions and peoples, so why are you interfering in Allah’s will.

famine conditions in pakistan
Said in deleted words about the plight of Pakistan that there is a famine condition. He said it is true that our neighboring country was formed against our will but we don’t want it to be broken up. Arif Mohammad repeated one more time – there is no controversial word in Vande Mataram, he translated it and asked people’s opinion about it.

Mr. Khan insisted on gaining knowledge. Advised to read Quran with understanding. Ask yourself daily what we have given to society today. I said that people’s criticism made me study the Quran carefully. He said Indian culture places more emphasis on rights and less on responsibilities. He also gave examples of shared culture of different sects.