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kiren rijiju on supreme court college no one can warn anyone public owner…said justice minister rijiju amid clash with judiciary



New Delhi: The central government authorized five names sent by the College to be appointed Supreme Court Justices. With this, the total number of judges in the Supreme Court will now be 32. On the other hand, Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju said that there is no conflict between the judiciary and the government. We work in a team spirit to bring justice to the people. The public is the master and the constitution is the guide. The country will function according to the constitution. We are servants of the public. We have a responsibility to work. We take responsibility. No one can warn anyone. He said there were 4 crore 90 lakh cases pending in the courts nationwide. Despite mediation, the court, the number of pending cases does not seem to decrease. People think the court is not working. Judges work hard to decide a large number of cases, but new cases are filed in equal numbers. We understand that the common man does not understand. We have found a solution. Using technology with human power.

“The government and the court have taken up the challenge”

Kiren Rijiju said it was thanks to technology that our courts weren’t closed during the Covid pandemic. The government and the court accepted the challenge. The public continued to seek justice through online debates. A good message has gone out to the world. Countries like America did not believe. We talked about how hard judges work. This became possible thanks to e-court. Under the leadership of the Prime Minister, the central government has granted a budget of 7,000 crores for the third phase of the e-court, which will shorten the travel distance to get justice.

“Waiting for the case for years is not a good situation”

He said not getting the date of the case, waiting for the case for years is not a good situation. Allahabad High Court should take the lead in e-court, we will cooperate. We need to find a way to settle cases through conciliation before they come to court. Insisting on the use of the country’s language in the courts, Rijiju said that the youth of Agra had gone to Russia with me. We have become bilingual. If the young students of Agra spoke English, they would convert to Russian. One day someone said that we had done a Hindi lesson. We don’t know English. We should speak in our mother tongue.

4 crore 90 lakh cases pending in various courts in the country

Rijiju said, “At present, 4 crore 90 lakh cases are pending in various courts across the country. We solve this problem. The biggest solution is technology solutions. Recently, Rs 7000 crore has been allocated for the third phase of the e-court in the budget. He said, “I wish Allahabad High Court, being the largest High Court in the country, to play a leading role in the implementation of the e-Court project. The government abolished 1486 old and obsolete laws, the process of abolishing 65 such laws is ongoing during the current parliamentary session.

The Minister said, “In view of the large number of pending cases, the government has prepared to implement the legal information management system, so that a person can obtain information about the status of a case before any high court with just one click”. He said the Arbitration Bill is in the final stages of preparation and after its adoption, a parallel court system will be established in the country. He said the arbitration system would be a full court system so that small cases would be settled out of court and the burden on the courts would be reduced. Supreme Court Justices, Justice Krishna Murari, Justice Vikram Nath, Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court, Rajesh Bindal, Justice Pritinkar Diwakar, Justice Ramesh Sinha, Advocate General Ajay Kumar Mishra and the President of the High Court Bar Association, Radhakant Ojha, attended the ceremony.

Center Approves Recommendations of Five Supreme Court Justices

The central government authorized five names sent by the College to be appointed Supreme Court Justices. With this, the total number of judges in the Supreme Court will now be 32. At present, the total number of section positions in the Supreme Court is 34 and 27 judges are in office. Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju tweeted that the Center had cleared all five names. The names sent by the Supreme Court Collegium, which were approved by the Centre, include Chief Justice of the High Court of Rajasthan Pankaj Mittal, Chief Justice of the High Court of Patna Sanjay Karol, Chief Justice of Manipur High Court PV Sanjay Kumar, Patna The names of High Court Judge Ahsanuddin Amanullah and Allahabad High Court Judge Manoj Mishra are included.

What is going on

It should be mentioned that on February 3, during the hearing of the case relating to the appointment of judges, the Attorney General told the Supreme Court that the central government would soon approve the recommendation of the Supreme Court Collegium, in which the appointment of Supreme Court judges The College of the Supreme Court has sent the Government the names of five High Court judges. On the matter of the supreme court, the attorney general told the court that the government would soon approve the names for the appointment of these judges and said that this would be done within a maximum of five days.