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Know the story of a widow woman from Chitrakoot cheated on behalf of Prime Minister Awas Yojana



Report – Dhirendra Shukla

Chitrakoot. In Chitrakoot district, a widowed woman has been stumbling door to door for the prime minister’s residence for 6 years. The most important thing is that the Prime Minister’s house came, but the wife gave nothing to the brokers, so the brokers had the Prime Minister’s house cut off from the wife. The woman’s husband had died 5 years ago. Suddenly, the woman’s house had collapsed in a strong storm. Because of which the woman is constantly worried about housing. Now the woman is forced to live in the hut. But the woman is completely tired of bypassing the officers. Former BJP Minister of State Chandrika Prasad Upadhyay also issued a written order for the woman’s residence, but due to non-payment of a sum of money, brokers cleared the residence of the woman. wife.

The widowed woman’s name is Urmila Devi. There are 6 people in the woman’s family, all of them are forced to live in the hut. The woman lives in Purva Gram Panchayat Kashai Tehsil Karvi of Shobha Singh of Chitrakoot. The woman says that my prime minister’s residence had entered the list of 2022. To whom I got tired of talking several times to the officials and the village chief who gives me my house, but in the greed of a few pennies, the village chief and relevant officials continued to wander around the woman’s house.

At the end, the woman is told that your house has been transferred to the municipality, when the woman went to the municipality and learned, the officials said that your house is in the village panchayat. They continued to roam the women like that and now the women are still forced to live in the hut. When officials were asked about the woman’s painful story, they were seen hesitant to ask questions. Now the female victims are completely distraught and there is no one to help them.

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