Krishnanand Rai’s son hails court ruling on Mukhtar

Krishnanand Rai’s son hails court ruling on Mukhtar

Ghazipur: Late former BJP MP. KN Rai’s son, Piyush Rai, made a statement to the media after the High Court convicted him of threatening the jailer on behalf of Mukhtar Ansari. According to Rai, this decision of the High Court is very important. Welcoming the court ruling on Mukhtar, Piyush said the criminal who has been synonymous with terror for many decades has been punished.

Responding to questions from the media, Piyush Rai said that with the help of previous governments, Mukhtar had perpetrated serious incidents. Mukhtar gained patronage from previous governments. Piyush Rai said he welcomes and respects the High Court’s decision. Piyush Rai also shared his opinion with the media on the murder of his father Krishnanand Rai. Mukhtar and Afzal got a clean score from the CBI tribunal in the KN Rai murder case, which the UP government decided to challenge in the High Court.

“Mukhtar Ansari obtained the protection of the PS government”
Piyush and his family have complete faith in the justice system. They hope and are convinced that the verdict will be in their favour. Piyush Rai said that when the Samajwadi party government was in the state, Mukhtar Ansari received patronage from the government apparatus. He said strict action was being taken against the mafia in the Yogi government and he is sure soon the crimes of UP will end.

Witnesses were intimidated: Piyush
Piyush also said he hopes victims like him get justice from the mafia. Piyush said that when the decision of his father Krishnanand Rai’s murder case came from the CBI tribunal, there was a Samajwadi party government. Many witnesses in this case were intimidated, which affected the verdict of the case.

What did Piyush say about the statement prohibiting speech?
During the hearing in Mau recently, Mukhtar had said of himself that his (Mukhtar) was forbidden to speak. Asked by the media about this, Piyush Rai said that not only Mukhtar’s speech but his actions were also banned.

Who is Piyush Rai?
Piyush Rai is the son of former BJP MP Krishnanand Rai. In 2005, 7 people including Krishnanand Rai were shot dead. Mukhtar Ansari is the main defendant in the Krishnanand Rai murder case. Along with Mukhtar, a case has also been filed against Afzal and others in this case.
Report: Amitesh Kumar Singh


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