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Kushinagar: Police officers set an example of honesty, did such a job, everyone praises



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Officer Suraj and Rinku raised police value
Find the woman and get her money

kushinagarTwo police officers from Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh did such a thing that everyone praises them. An example is given of the honesty of Constable Surajdev Singh and Constable Rinku Prasad stationed at Hata Kotwali of the district. The two police officers were stationed at the Central Bank of India located in Hata Nagar. Where he won the hearts of people with his exploits. Indeed, the police found thousands of rupees lost by a woman and returned the woman.

It was said that like every day on Tuesday, the two officers were diligently doing their duty outside the bank. Meanwhile, he found a plastic bag outside the bank. When Suraj and Rinku picked up the bag, they found 8,500 rupees and a booklet in it. The name of Padri, a resident of Sanu Khatoon was written on the booklet. After which the police personnel tried to find the woman around the bank but no trace of the woman was found.

Police personnel went to the bank with passbook and money
Then the police personnel went to the bank with the passbook. From there, he tried to contact the woman by taking her phone number, but the woman’s cell phone was turned off. After completing the bank duty, when the two officers came to Hata Kotwali police station, they found out the mobile number of the concerned village chief from there. After that, the woman listed in the booklet was summoned to the police station after calling the village chief.

woman giddy with happiness
When Constables Suraj and Rinku handed over his lost money and passbook to the woman who went to the police station when called by the police, her happiness knew no bounds. The woman had tears in her eyes after getting her money back. He thanked the two policemen several times. Sanu Khatoon said her husband lives outside, he had sent money to the account and he had the same amount of money. He had to take the ration and essential items from the house by withdrawing money from the bank. Due to the declining money, it would have been difficult for him to walk home. The woman said she couldn’t understand how she would have lived for a month. The woman, ecstatic with her money and passbook, blessed Constables Surajdev and Rinku Prasad with many blessings.

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