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KVS TET Exam: An employee of Aptec company who was doing the KVS exam was doing high-tech copying, what will happen now?



Greater Noida: The connivance of employees and executives of the company Aptech, which conducted the review, was also exposed after the interstate gang of solvers were caught hacking into computers and solving problems during the Primary Teacher Recruitment Examination (Online) at Kendriya Vidyalayas. The arrested defendant said during his interrogation that only employees of the company gave information about the software. From now on, STF will also interview the employees and managers of the Aptech company. The mastermind of the gang arrested on Saturday is Chittaranjan Sharma, a resident of Mohan Nagar in Palwal. He studied up to B.Sc and managed the network from his home. The STF on Saturday arrested 21 defendants from Prayagraj and Varanasi, including the boss. All equipment, including 16 laptops, 13 processors and 24 mobile phones, was recovered. The gang members used to take between Rs 10 and 15 lakh by ensnaring the applicants.

Additional SP of STF Noida Unit, Rajkumar Mishra said involvement of solver gang was flagged during Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan primary school teacher’s online recruitment exam. It has been learned that the computer nodes assigned to some candidates are supported by the remote access application by sitting in Palwal (Haryana) through the local area network (LAN) and proxy servers. After that, the candidate monitor is connected online with the solver sitting in Prayagraj. Then the solvers easily pass the test. For this, transactions worth several hundred thousand rupees took place.

Used to take 10-15 lakh rupees from each candidate

STF had received information that the leader of this gang was operating his gang members in several districts while he was present in Palwal (Haryana). In Saturday’s online exam, questions are solved online by the solver gang. Thereupon STF Noida and Haryana teams attacked and arrested 21 people from Prayagraj and Varanasi including the mastermind. The kingpin is Chittaranjan, a resident of Palwal (Haryana), who ran this whole criminal gang from his home. The gang was taking around Rs 10-15 lakh from contestants who fell into their trap. The gang used to lure the director of the exam center online and join the gang.

Used to commit fraud by creating a proxy server
The investigation revealed that several different computer nodes in an exam center were connected via LAN (local area network) to the server provided at the Aptech company’s exam center. Only one candidate at a time takes the exam at each node or seat. A day before the start of the exam, a duplicate server and proxy of the Aptech Company server would be created by installing the CC Proxy application on a separate laptop or desktop. After that, the Anidax application would be installed on certain nodes/buffer computers of the examination center at the request of Chittaranjan. Chittaranjan used to install remote access VM AMMY administration and warfare software from this application. AMMY Admin software provides external internet service via LAN cable and also remote access, while VM War software is workstation software, which creates virtual machines. For this reason, it is not known if the Internet is working on certain nodes in the test center. On the day of the exam, all the candidates used to sit on their predetermined node, that is, the seat, the candidates with whom the gang talked about copying, these candidates had gone through the copying .