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Leopard spotted again outside closed Ghaziabad court



Tejesh Chauhan, Ghaziabad: Leopard was seen again in Ghaziabad court. However, the discussion on the leopard sighting had been going on since yesterday, that is to say on Wednesday itself. Which was just a rumour, they said. After which an investigation was underway. Thursday morning at 7:45 a.m. the image of the leopard was captured by the CCTV camera, after which a situation was created. The court was closed on Thursday as a precaution.

On February 8, a leopard entered the court in Ghaziabad. During this, dozens of people including several lawyers were injured by the leopard. Eventually after many hours of hard work the Forest Department team caught the people but again on Wednesday night a small and a large leopard were spotted in the court compound and then there was there was a commotion in the court. After all the thorough investigation it was found out that the news of the leopard sighting was a rumour, but on Thursday morning around 7.45am CCTV footage was seen and something like a leopard was seen there. On Thursday, a public holiday was declared, stopping work at the court completely.

Lawyers say that the way a leopard was caught earlier in the court premises, even after that no proper security arrangements were made in the court premises. The result is that the leopard was again seen at court. Supporters say that many of these people have come, the date of which has not been fixed and even after coming from afar, they must return empty-handed.