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Leopard-turned-cat seen in Ghaziabad court



Tejesh Chauhan, Ghaziabad: Once again the issue of leopard sightings at the courthouse in Ghaziabad came to the fore again, there was a stir again in the courthouse but what was thought to be a leopard came to the fore. turned out to be a cat. The Forest Department team forwarded the report to the investigating judge after the search operation. After the Forestry Department report was filed, now the attorneys and all the employees breathed a sigh of relief.

On February 8, a leopard entered the court in Ghaziabad, during which dozens of people, including several lawyers, were injured. However, the forest department team caught the leopard after hard work and released it back to Saharanpur forest. Suddenly, also on Thursday, news of a leopard sighting in the court premises spread, and then the CCTV footage installed in the premises was searched, in which something like a leopard was seen. In an emergency, the team from the Forest Department is again notified and there is a stir in the premises of the court. Not only that, a public holiday was also declared in court. On Thursday, the Forest Department team conducted a search operation at the courthouse throughout the day.

Report sent to justice of the peace after search operation

The divisional director of the Social Forestry Division, Ghaziabad Manish Singh, said the report had been sent to the district judge. On the night of February 15, around 8 a.m., the leopard was reported to court. In this regard, intensive control was carried out by conducting a search operation in the entire building and premises of the court. Along with this, the CCTV footage was also thoroughly scrutinized but no evidence of leopard or any other wildlife was found in it. After careful investigation, in CCTV footage, a small quadrupedal animal in size and gait and behavior does not appear to be a leopard or any other violent wild animal. The animal seen in the CCTV could be a cat. This clearly shows that at present no direct evidence of the presence of leopard or any other predatory fauna has been found within the court premises.