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Letter from Richa Singh to the Electoral Commission Samajwadi Party’s action is contrary to natural justice and the Anti-Democracy Commission should act



Richa Singh’s Letter to Election Commission: Richa Singh, who was expelled from the Samajwadi Party, has now written a letter to the Election Commission demanding action. He called the actions taken by the party against him as against the rules. He called the party’s action a decision taken against natural justice.

strong points

  • Richa Singh has strongly attacked the Samajwadi party, asks the electoral commission
  • Allegations of violating party rules, talking about not getting natural justice
  • Demanding action from the commission, accused of failing to clarify the reason for the dismissal
Lucknow: Excluded leader of the Samajwadi party, Richa Singh has now opened a front against the party. He wrote a letter to the Election Commission asking for action. He described the action of the Samajwadi party as dictatorial and a decision taken within the framework of an undemocratic process. He said that I am the first female president of the student union of Allahabad University. I had presented my candidacy for the legislative elections of 2017 and 2022 on the ticket of the Samajwadi party. On February 16, 2023, the party suddenly kicked me out. I got information about this on the party’s official Twitter account. No prior warning was given to me about this. Nor was the show cause notice issued. This whole affair is part of an undemocratic process.

Richa Singh said any political party should receive a show cause notice before taking action against its leader. It is considered to be a matter of natural justice. Under natural justice, the Samajwadi party should have sent me a show cause notice first. After that, I should have the chance to present my case. Nothing like that has been done. The Samajwadi Party neither gave me the opportunity to explain myself nor told me the reason for my expulsion.

Letter from Richa Singh

Questions have been raised over the party’s decision

Richa Singh said the party’s internal democracy and natural justice are not reflected in the action against me. The party issued no warning before acting against me. This is a violation of Article 30 of the Samajwadi Party constitution. This action is contrary to internal democracy and the natural justice of the party. In a letter written to the electoral commission, he demanded measures against the Samajwadi party on the basis of the rules and provisions laid down for political parties.

SP ordered to expel from the party

The Samajwadi party had issued an order to expel Richa Singh and Roli Tiwari Mishra from the party. These two leaders have been accused of having opened a front on social networks against the declaration of Swami Prasad Maurya. However, questions are now being raised over the action to expel the two party leaders without presenting their position. Richa Singh launched a fitting attack.

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