Lightning wreaked havoc; During the transplanting of the paddy, 3 died including a girl, 6 burned

Lightning wreaked havoc;  During the transplanting of the paddy, 3 died including a girl, 6 burned

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Due to rain in Azamgarh district, farmers were busy planting paddy in their fields.
The heavenly lightning in the district wreaked havoc, three people including a girl transplanting paddy died.
Half a dozen people were burned by the lightning, causing fury among farming families.

Azamgarh: In Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh, where farmers were busy planting paddy in their fields because of the rain, on the other hand, lightning wreaked havoc, killing three people, including a girl transplanting paddy. paddy. is an outcry in farming families. The monsoon has hit the neighborhood since Thursday. The monsoon also remained mild on Friday. Thanks to good rains, farmers were busy sowing paddy in the fields.

That same afternoon, in Sarai Khursu village of Devgaon Kotwali, Teksu Rajbhar’s daughter Priyanka was planting paddy in the field with her sister Priya. In the midst of the rain, when the celestial lightning fell with a loud noise, both came into its grip. In which Priyanka died on the spot, while Priya suffered severe burns. Who was admitted to the community health center located in Lalganj.

People burnt while transplanting paddy in many villages
At the same time, Akash Kumar died due to lightning strike in Haibatpur Dubhav village, Tarwan police station area. He was on his way to join the rice nursery for the ongoing transplanting in his field. When lightning struck with a loud voice, hearing their cries, people ran towards them, where they lay unconscious. People working in adjacent fields took Akash to Lalganj CHC, where he was pronounced dead.

In the same sequence, Anita, Manisha, Sonu and Renu were partially burned due to lightning in the village of Sarai Khursu in the Palhna block. Whose treatment is ongoing in a private hospital. At the same time, Anuj Kumar who was planting paddy died due to lightning at Budhanpur of Budhanpur tehsil. Kiran was also planting paddy when she was badly burned by lightning. He was admitted to the Ranipur community health center from where the doctor referred him to the district hospital after noting his critical condition.

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