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Love Jihad: Become a Muslim and get married or else I will kill you…Abdul se munna continued to rape the girl – news in hindi muslim youth disguised as a hindu and raped a woman



Rae Baréli: A case of Love Jihad has been discovered in Rae Bareli district in UP. In the area of ​​the neighborhood’s Salon police station, a young Muslim man dressed up as Munna Yadav and raped a girl. When the girl learned about it he was Abdul Khalid and not Munna Yadav. With that, he started threatening to kill her and her family.

Bad behavior with a woman hiding her religion
The case concerns the village of Fataha Rasulpur below the Salon Police Station area, where a girl was trapped in her love trap by posing as Munna Yadav. As soon as the girl’s family members learned of this, they immediately married the girl, but after reaching the girl’s in-laws, the accused continued to show the girl sweet dreams under the name of Munna Yadav.

Suddenly one day the girl learned that no Munna Yadav, Abdul Khalid’s son Hakim, 45 years old, was a resident of Purva police station in Ghosi, Salon. Because of this, the Dalit girl broke off relations with him, being angry with Munna Yadav, Abdul Khalid forcibly raped her entering her house late at night using a gun.

“I will kill your whole family”
The girl alleges that the accused Abdul Khalid threatened that if you leave Hinduism and do not adopt the Muslim religion and marry me, I will kill you and your whole family. The victim filed a complaint against the accused Darinde Abdul Khaliq by giving Tahrir to the Salon police station.

Salon Kotwal Brijesh Rai said a case has been filed against the accused. The whole case is under investigation and soon the accused will be arrested.
Report – Madhav Singh