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lover girlfriend committed suicide by hanging in kanpur



Kanpur Police: In Kanpur, lover’s girlfriend committed suicide by hanging herself. When relatives arrived at the apartment while searching, both bodies were found hanging.

Kanpur Police
Kanpur: A painful incident has come to light from Kanpur in UP. The bodies of the couple in love were found hanging from the noose in the apartment at midnight on Thursday. Girlfriend committed suicide with married lover. The police, informed of the incident, broke the door of the apartment and took out the two bodies. Along with this, the police took the bodies in possession and sent them for autopsy. The girl’s relatives said that the girl’s wedding was on February 25. The whole family was busy preparing for the wedding, but this incident turned happiness into mourning.

Sudhir Singh’s son, Mohan Singh Chauhan (35) alias Monu, who lives in Ratanpur under Panki Police Station, is an electrician. Monu had a love affair with a girl living in Ratanpur. When Monu’s wife learned of this, she began to oppose her husband’s love affair. Angered by this, Monu’s wife had been living apart for a year and a half.

had left saying that she was going to the maternal uncle

Thursday, the girl had left the house saying that she was going to her maternal uncle. When the girl did not return home until late in the evening, relatives set out to find her. Family members inquired about relatives and her friends, but nothing was found about the girl. The girl’s parents reached Monu’s apartment. The apartment door was locked from the inside. Calling Monu and the girl’s cell phone, the bell kept ringing, but there was no answer.

reported to the police

The girl’s family members informed the police control room. When the police arrived at the scene and entered inside by breaking down the door of the apartment, they saw Monu’s corpse hanging from the handle of the fan. There, the girl’s corpse hung on the window grate. The police pulled them both out of the trap and sent the corpses for an autopsy.

Police are investigating the incident

ACP Nishant Sharma said that a young man and a young woman committed suicide at Panki’s Ratpur. The forensic team also inspected the scene. The corpses were sent for autopsy. The two families are in discussion. The incident is under investigation, regardless of the facts that emerge, action will be taken on the same basis.

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