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many people fell ill after food poisoning admitted to pipraich gorakhpur hospital



Rajat Bhatt, Gorakhpur: A major accident took place in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh around 11pm on Sunday evening. About 60 people ate Rasmalai during the breakfast of the wedding ceremony here, due to which all got food poisoning. After a while, these people started vomiting and having diarrhea. After her health deteriorated, there was chaos in the marriage. People were rushed to hospital. The incident concerns a wedding ceremony at Godavari Marriage Hall in Pipraich, Gorakhpur.

As soon as information about this incident was received, the health service was also alerted. Immediately, 12 ambulances were deployed by the health department and the sick were admitted to the district hospital and BRD Medical College including CHC Pipraich. A total of 20 patients were admitted to the district hospital until late at night, while 15 patients are being admitted and treated at the medical hospital.

wedding rituals remained incomplete
The wedding was held at Godavari Marriage Hall in Pipraich, Gorakhpur. She married Moni Srivastava, daughter of Ram Achal Srivastava and Amit Srivastava, son of Ashok Srivastava. At the same time, due to such an incident in the wedding, there was chaos in the wedding hall. On the one hand, people suffering from food poisoning were taken to hospital. On the other hand, in marriage, the groom simply coats the bride with vermilion and takes her away without any ritual.

sealed wedding hall
As soon as the police learned of the incident that happened during the wedding ceremony, they arrived at the scene. However, it is not yet confirmed where Rasmalai is from. But people say that the girl’s people had come here to get married and all the arrangements were made on the boy’s side. And sweets were also brought in from outside, after eating people got food poisoning. After the incident, the Police Health and Food and Security Department team arrived. The police sealed off the wedding hall.

6 samples sent for inquiry
The Food and Security Department team took 6 samples from the wedding hall. On the other hand, Food Safety Officer Umashankar and Food Safety Officer Ajay Kumar Singh and their team sent samples of chhena, rasmalai, gulab jamun, golgappa water, chicken and fish from the marriage hall to the laboratory for tests. On the other hand, after the whole incident, said Gorakhpur SP North Manoj Kumar Awasthi, all the sick people have been admitted to the hospital. The wedding hall has been sealed. If Tahrir is received, action will be taken after a case is registered.

Medical team alert including CMO
Regarding the same incident, the CMO of the district hospital, Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Dubey said that as soon as we got the information about this incident, we immediately alerted the district hospital and the medical college. At the same time, a dozen ambulance vehicles were deployed throughout the night to take patients to the hospital. The CMOs themselves Ashutosh Dubey and Ambuj Srivastava are present at the district hospital. Those whose condition becomes serious, they are admitted to the hospital.