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Prisoners housed in Mathura District Jail are busy preparing for Holi these days. The prisoners are busy making herbal gulal for Holi. This Gulal will not be harmful to people’s skin. Prisoners use fenugreek, spinach, turmeric and beetroot to prepare this herbal gulal.

Mathura News: Inmates at Mathura Prison make herbal gulal for Holi, know what they use
prisoners preparing gulal
Nirmal Rajput, Mathura:Mathura Prison Service is always trying to teach prisoners something new and different. In order to improve the orientation and condition of inmates in prison, they also receive different types of training from time to time. Seeing Holi festival, now prisoners are busy making herbal gulal. On the occasion of Holi, the administration is preparing to sell the gulal prepared by the prisoners on the market. This Gulal will not be harmful to people’s skin at all.

Herbal gulal prepared from spinach, fenugreek, beetroot

The herbal gulal made from the hands of prisoners serving time for their misdeeds behind bars in the district jail will spill its own color this time on Holi. Prisoners Sonu, Sunny, Rinku, Ashraf, Vijay, Harendra are engaged in making herbal gulal. Perfume is used to flavor the gulal. It is said that in making herbal gulal, the green rose is prepared by grinding spinach into the arrowroot and extracting the green color from it.

Prisoners work hard for many hours to prepare this herbal gulal. Light green colored gulal is made by grinding fenugreek leaves and red colored gulal is made by grinding beetroot. While turmeric powder is used to make yellow colored gulal. Anyone can buy a 100 gram packet of herbal gulal prepared by the inmates as a sample for just Rs 20 at the district jail gate. Various kinds of creative works are done from time to time to give a positive thought to the inmates of the prison. Under this, gulal and colors are being prepared in the prison before Holi.

Natural Gulal will not cause any harm

The prison administration has selected a few inmates interested in this work to do gulal. It will help seal the gulal in the bundle. Voluntary organizations also help prepare Gulal. For natural colors, powder of green leafy pulses like spinach will be mixed. Hibiscus flowers etc. will be used for red color and turmeric etc. will be used for the color yellow. The establishments will make all these elements available. After making herbal gulal, these will be marketed by institutions.

Help will be taken from social organizations

District Jail Superintendent Brajesh Kumar said that the gulal was prepared by the prisoners in the jail which is quite natural. Orders have also been received from some places to make Gulal. He said the special thing is that this gulal is prepared from spinach, fenugreek and beet with turmeric. Some social organizations also help to prepare herbal gulal.

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