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Mathura: What is Monu Panda planning to cross Holika in flames? Monu Panda prepares to cross Holika in flames in Mathura



Nirmal Rajput, Mathura: Holi de Brij occupies a different place in the country and in the world due to its unique traditions. With devotion and adoration of God, like every year, this year also Monu Panda will continue his tradition by leaving Holika. Monu Panda came together in 40 days of hard penance and worship. He walked around the village before sitting on the penance and absorbed himself in the devotion of the devotee Prahlad. Since 2020, Monu Panda has continuously perpetuated the tradition of its ancestors.

Monu Panda will emerge from Holika in flames for the fourth time

Monu Panda will emerge from Holika in flames for the fourth time

Monu Panda sits on special chants in Prahlad Temple from Basant Panchami. For the fourth time this year, Monu Panda will emerge from the middle of the Burning Holika. Preparations have also started to organize this Holi in the village. On the day of Holika Dahan, the tradition of the panda emerging from the burning Holika is hundreds of years old. There is a temple of the devotee Prahlad in the village, in which Panda sits in penance about a quarter of a month before Holi Dahan.

A tradition that has lasted for 5200 years


Sushil Panda’s son, Monu Panda, 32, who has been out of Holika in this leela for about 8 years, sings Prahlad ji to get out of the burning Holi this time. Sitting in penance, Monu Panda recounted that many generations of his own family have followed this tradition. It is nothing less than a miracle and it is only possible by the grace of Prahlad ji. Monu Panda says he has been following this tradition for about 5200 years. One who obtains the grace of the devotee Prahlad, that many times he comes out from the midst of Holika.

The power comes from a string of 108 grains.


Monu Panda, who is preparing for the event, says that since Basant Panchami, he sits in penance in the temple of Prahlad. When fasting until the full moon (Holika Dahan), they eat only fruits. Monu Panda said that in 2019, his uncle Babulal came out of the middle of Holika in flames. He said that the Panda’s exit from the flames of the flaming Holika is the glory of Prahlad ji’s meditation and that the garland, which appeared hundreds of years ago from the pool, was around Prahlad’s neck j. Monu explains that he himself appeared with the idol. There were 7 large grains in this rosary. Later, Mouni Baba made a rosary of 108 grains prepared from these seven grains. Monu says that many generations can only safely come out of the flames after chanting this garland for a month and wearing this garland after bathing in Prahlad Kund on Holika Dahan day.

Holika’s height and length will increase

Holika's height and length will increase

Monu Panda sitting in penance said that this time the height and width of Holika is about 45 feet. Preparations for Holi have started in the village. He said that after walking around the village, he sat down on the bank. It spins the 108-grain rosary for 6-6 hours in the morning and evening.

Monu Panda will emerge from the embers for the fourth time

Monu Panda will emerge from the embers for the fourth time

Monu Panda followed this tradition in the Phalen village of Chhata tehsil. From the year 2020, continuously Monu shows his achievement by coming out of the middle of Holika. For the fourth time this year, Monu will come out of the center of Holika. Monu Panda says he takes cloves and batasha in his diet every day. Apart from these things, as much water enters the palm, they accept as much water and this process continues until the time of Holika Dahan approaches.

Monu Panda is from the village of Prahlad

Monu Panda is from the village of Prahlad

The village to which Monu Panda belongs is considered to be the village of Prahlad. Prahlad, a devotee of Lord Vishnu, was carried by his aunt Holika into the fire but he was saved alive by the grace of God.