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Mayawati attack on the Yogi government



Luck now: The budget session of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly began on a stormy note on Monday. During the governor’s speech, there was a lot of uproar. For this reason, Governor Anandi Ben Patel also had difficulty reading his speech. While the Samajwadi party attacked the governor’s speech in the House, Bahujan Samaj party chairman Mayawati attacked vigorously outside. He called the governor’s address so far from the truth. Mayawati said the governor’s speech was just an attempt to cover up the government’s failures.

BSP leader Mayawati addressed the government’s failures in a tweet. Attacked the Governor’s speech. He said the Honorable Governor’s speech on Monday, the first day of the budget session of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly, was a futile attempt to cover up government failures in particular areas such as inflation , poverty, unemployment, backwardness and the troubled atmosphere of the state troubled the people. Overall, the Governor’s speech was very disappointing to the audience.

Mayawati strongly surrounded the Yogi Adityanath government of the UP. He said that today every class, society and community is troubled by the government’s narrow and malicious policies. Attacking government policies, he said the general public had become the victim of his activities. They suffer and are sad. The demands of the government diverge. The reality is that except for the elements in power, today every class, society and community has become a victim of bad government policies. People are not getting their rights and justice. This is the government’s greatest failure. The government must certainly pay attention to this.