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Meerut: Shravan Kumar from Ghaziabad carrying visually impaired parents on the shoulder



Strong points

Blind parents sat on the kanwar and brought water from Haridwar.
Panchayat District Chairman Gaurav Chaudhary did the honor.

Meerut. Kanwariyas are seen in many places in Uttar Pradesh in the month of Sawan. There are some among them that draw everyone’s attention to themselves. Meet Kaliyugi Shravan Kumar, carrying his parents on his shoulders in this holy month. Such an example was seen during the Kanwar Yatra at Meerut. Here, Vikas Gehlot, a resident of Loni in Ghaziabad, sat his blind parents on his shoulder in Kanwar and brought water from Haridwar. According to Vikas, elderly parents find it difficult to walk. Other than that, both are visually impaired. In such a situation, Shravan Kumar of Kaliyuga decided to travel carrying them both on his shoulder.

respect done
Panchayat District Chairman Gaurav Chaudhary gave an update on his region and Kanwar Yatra. Meanwhile, his eyes fell on Shravan Kumar Vikas Gehlot of Kaliyuga. He stopped and respected the Kanwariyas. He spoke to Vikas Gehlot to inquire about his welfare and provided necessary items. Apart from this, District Chairman Panchayat also encouraged Shravan Kumar from this Kali Yuga by giving cash. Panchayat District Chairman Gaurav Chaudhary said these people are the inspiration of the society.

Muslim society sets an example
At the same time, Muslim society set an example by pouring flowers on Kanwariyas at many places on Sundays. People from the Muslim society were ready to serve the Kanwariyas by setting up camps. The Muslim Brotherhood welcomed the Kanwariyas with a hug. Members of Muslim society felt grateful by providing fruits, flowers, food, etc. All said there is power in faith, they only bow down to that power.

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