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Mirzapur unique government school here village children learn judo karate



Reporter: Mangala Tiwari
Mirzapur: Usually, the image of a school without facilities comes to people’s mind as soon as the name of public schools is mentioned, but there are public schools that do such wonders with limited resources that even private schools seek refuge in front of them. One such school is in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, where parents have their children’s names removed from private schools for admission.

Let us tell you, in Bhagesar village primary school of Pahadi block in Mirzapur district, students are taught judo, karate and taekwondo. Until a few years ago, the number of children in this school was also limited, but now the number of children has increased, children have started reaching this school before time. At the initiative of Principal Ravikant Dwivedi, Judo-Karate training is given to children two days a week on Thursday and Saturday. For this reason, a lot of enthusiasm is also visible in children.

Children said they were learning the qualities of self-defense
Fourth class student Aastha Dubey said karate judo is taught at school. We also learn self-defense from this. The studies are also good, so now I come to school every day. At the same time, student Om Dubey said that we were taught Judo Karate. It is very beneficial for our health. My goal is in the direction of the game, with this I can make the country proud.

Girls’ enrollment has increased
Ravikant Dwivedi, Principal of Bhagesar Primary School, said my main goal in starting judo-karate training was that it is very important for children to learn self-defense techniques to avoid the evils that are prevalent in the Company. For the same purpose, we provide self-defense training to children. The advantage of this was that the schooling of girls increased in our country compared to earlier.

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