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Moradabad: girl slept in public school classroom, teacher locked her from outside, left crying – moradabad school student locked in classroom



Moradabad: In Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, a case has emerged regarding the girl locked up in a primary school in Gurre village, Kundarki block. Here, a girl was sleeping in the classroom and the teachers weren’t paying attention. After the holidays, all the teachers went home after the school closed. When the girl did not arrive home a few hours after school closed, family members became angry. When she arrived at the school after searching many places, the girl was found locked in the classroom. The girl was crying a lot.

The manager was called and the lock was opened and he was taken away. Video of the incident is making the rounds on social media. After the school holidays on Friday afternoon, the director and other staff returned home after closing the airlock. Meanwhile, the child was locked in the room itself. Primary school in Gurre village in Kundarki block of Moradabad closed at the scheduled time on Friday. The manager and the other staff had gone home after closing the airlock.

The children said their daughter was closed to school
Sanabi’s father, Nasir, says that his daughter Sanabi studies in first class at Gurer Primary School. He said Sanbi comes home every day after discharge. But when she didn’t come home on Friday, we all started to worry. Everyone started looking for him. I looked many places but couldn’t find Sanbi. Then, after a while, two kids came home and said their daughter was locked up at school. The school staff locked him in the classroom and left.

people took out the girl
After that, when everyone rushed to school, they saw that Sanbi was locked in the school. She was crying a lot, when she called the school mistress, she told about the key, but the key to the lock was not found. After that, the matter was reported to the police, but by the time the police arrived, people had taken the girl out.
Report – Sajrul Hussain
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