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Moradabad News: DCM stopped mid road in Moradabad and shot driver and shot dead cyclists – dcm driver shot dead in moradabad



Moradabad: A canter driver was shot dead in the middle of the road in Moradabad district, Uttar Pradesh. The incident took place near Gagan Tirahe near the metropolis border on Sambhal Road. The reason for the incident is said to be a collision between two vehicles, but the reason for the murder is still not entirely clear. The defendants fled after committing the crime.

The disbelievers shot the DCM driver after stopping the car
Mazhar Khan, 35, a resident of Mallupura Dandi village of Bhagatpur police station in Moradabad, was a DCM driver. He was coming to Moradabad from Sambhal with DCM. During this time he argued with the DCM man behind him. As soon as he reached near Gangan Tirahe in Thana Manather area, miscreants on bicycles stopped him. According to the police, the disbelievers shot Mazhar Khan after dragging him out of the DCM. The bullet hit him in the neck and he died instantly.

On information, the police officers of two police stations went on the spot.
After receiving information about the murder, police from two police stations came to the scene, as the place was close to the boundaries of the two police stations. The police questioned people around the incident, but there was no trace of the disbelievers. The police are collecting information about the incident.

The SP campaign arrived on site to inspect the scene
SP Dehat Vidyasagar Mishra inspected the place and investigated. Inspector in Charge Manather Yogendra Kumar said Mazhar was returning home from Delhi. Mazhar is the eldest of four brothers. In the meantime, the incident happened. The shooters are still nowhere to be found.
Entrance – Sajrul Hussain

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