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MP Rahul Prakash Kol: Apna Dal MP Rahul Prakash Kol has lost his battle with cancer, breathed his last in Mumbai



Mirzapur: Apna Dal S MLA Rahul Prakash Kol of Chhanbe in Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh died during treatment after a long illness. MP Rahul Prakash Kol was battling throat cancer, where he was undergoing treatment in Mumbai. He died Thursday morning while undergoing treatment. After the deputy’s death, a wave of mourning swept through the region.

Became MP in 2017, people supported in 2022
Apna Dal S MLA Rahul Prakash Kol became an MP for the first time in 2017 from Chhanbe to Mirzapur. In 2022, Apna Dal S again expressed his confidence, after which he won the elections. After winning the elections, Rahul Prakash Kol began to suffer from a throat disease, where the issue of cancer came to the fore in the investigation. After being diagnosed with cancer, the MP was undergoing treatment in Mumbai, where the MP died during treatment. After the death of the deputy, there is a wave of mourning in the region, where a large number of people go to his house.

A few days ago, Anupriya Patel had met
Union Minister Anupriya Patel had met MP Chhanbe Rahul Prakash Kol a few days ago. During the reunion, Rahul Cole started crying after seeing Anupriya Patel, where Anupriya assured to always help. Rahul Prakash Kol’s father, Pakori Kol, is also an Apna Dal S MP from Sonbhadra, where his wife Rinki Kol is a district panchayat member. Rahul Prakash Kol was also the National President of Apna Dal S Yuva Panch. After his death, the Samajwadi party paid tribute by tweeting, where Anupriya Patel also expressed his condolences.
Report – Mukesh Pandey