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Mukhtar Ansari’s turn after Atiq Ahmed! Bulldozers drove into the homes of nearby contractors, used to shelter officers



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During this action in Banda, UP, there was a stir among the mafia.
Both entrepreneurs are considered very close to Mukhtar Ansari.
The police also obtained weapons and money from the two houses.

Attach. Yogi government action against UP mafias and criminals continues. In Banda, UP, the police launched a massive crackdown against close friends of former MLA Mukhtar Ansari and the mafia. First, the police fired bulldozers at the houses of two contractors very close to Mukhtar Ansari. Not only are these two contractors said to be very close to Mukhtar Ansari, but thousands of rupees in cash and illegally collected cartridges were also recovered during the raid on their house and an extortion case was also registered against one of them. ‘them.

Baba’s bulldozer roared on the house of Iftekhar Ahmed, a PWD contractor located at Mohalla Khaipar in Banda Nagar Kotwali region, whose illegal construction was demolished. It is the same house in which the family of Mukhtar Ansari and his acolytes took refuge two years ago. Police raided this house at night and during the raid a licensed double-barreled pistol and other cartridges were recovered in breach of license conditions.

Iftikhar Ahmed is accused of providing logistical support, accommodation and other forms of support to Mukhtar, Ansari and his family members during their time in prison. The house under construction of entrepreneur Haji Rafiqusmad, which is said to be very close to Mukhtar Ansari, is on Idgah road in the Kotwali district of the city. Steps are being taken to demolish this house. Haji Rafiqusmad is also very close to Mukhtar Ansari and a few days ago the police kept him in custody for questioning. During the raid on his house, the police also found Rs 7 lakh in cash, which the income tax department investigated.

A case was also filed against Rafiqusmad for claiming extortion. In this case, Superintendent of Police Abhinandan says intelligence gathered evidence on these two contractors for providing shelter to Mukhtar Ansari’s family and his henchmen and providing vehicles to Mukhtar Ansari in jail. . Illegal cartridges and illegal Rs 7 lakh were also recovered during the search of his house, upon which his illegal constructions were demolished and further strict measures will be taken against him and mafia bosses like him.

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