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Murder of Nikki: Living together as husband and wife, Sahil’s family came to Greater Noida to donate money for household expenses



Nikki Sahil Delhi Murder Case: Another revelation has come to light in the Nikki Yadav murder case. According to sources, Sahil’s family used to visit Greater Noida’s house even after their marriage. During this time, Sahil also used to get money for household expenses. Sahil had also taken Nikki shopping several times in the mall.

nikki yadav sahil update on delhi murder case
Another revelation in the Nikki Yadav murder case

strong points

  • Another big update in the Nikki Yadav murder case
  • Sahil’s family paid for household expenses after the wedding
  • Nikki and Sahil lived together as husband and wife.
Greater Noida: Before the famous Nikki Yadav murder case in Delhi, the family members of the accused Sahil knew about their marriage. After they got married in Greno, when they were both living in rented accommodation in the Alpha One sector, family members came to meet them on several occasions. Sahil’s family often spoke to Nikki on the phone. On the other hand, this incident remains a topic of discussion after the townspeople learned that Nikki’s wedding was taking place in the Arya Samaj temple in Greater Noida. According to sources, when Sahil lived with Nikki in Greater Noida, his family sent him money for his expenses. Even in the beginning, when family members were unaware of the marriage, Sahil used to collect school fees and other expenses at home. Nikki Yadav has also been forced to shop several times at GIP Noida and Inox Mall Greater Noida. Here, the management of the college where Sahil was studying, refuses to reveal anything about Sahil.

Nikki and Sahil have lived in the Alpha One sector of Greater Noida for many years. Both had studied in different colleges in Greater Noida. During the October 1, 2020 lockdown, both completed seven rounds at the Arya Samaj Temple located at Delta-1. The Arya Samaj Mandir Parbandhak Committee had also issued him a certificate. Photographs were taken and videos were also made during the wedding. According to sources, after the wedding, Sahil and Nikki lived as husband and wife taking rental houses in Alpha One and Delta One. The Delhi Crime Branch team reached Greater Noida and interrogated the director of the temple Arya Samaj and seized all the documents.

Sahil’s family did not like the relationship

Sahil’s family did not like his relationship with Nikki. They wanted to marry Sahil somewhere else. For this, on February 9, he had also engaged Sahil to another girl. But when Nikki learned of the engagement on the same day, a fight broke out between the two. Meanwhile, Sahil and Nikki were present in the car near the Kashmir gate. But by then the fight had escalated so much that Sahil got angry and strangled Nikki with the mobile’s charging cable. From there, Sahil took Nikki’s body to her village of Mitraon, 40 km away. There, he hid Nikki’s corpse in his fridge and went to his house and married another girl. On February 10, police arrested Sahil at his home after going to his village.

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