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Prayagraj: There is a dialogue in a film, “Itna bomb marenge ki dhuan-dhuan ho jayega”. In fact, it happened. Today was the day, that is to say Friday. Location, GT Road Prayagraj. A car stopped. The crackle of bullets. 12 people were shooting bullets. Bombs were exploding. But, the 13th person was throwing such bombs, as if he had come with the determination to blow it all up. It featured the film’s dialogue literally on GT Road. The whole incident was filmed by CCTV. When the images surfaced, even the viewer was filled with terror. This person has been identified as Guddu Muslim. Now he’s on the Yogi government’s radar. Ustad Guddu Muslim’s love interest in making bombs is also much discussed. It is said that even after the murder of Umesh Pal, he had gone to meet his girlfriend. The girlfriend is the mother of many children. But, the love stories of Guddu Muslim are told in Prayagraj with great joy. The police are also trying to reach the girlfriend.

The bloody game was played that day

At present, the Prayagraj murder case is the hottest in Uttar Pradesh. Umesh Pal, the main witness to the murder of BSP MP Raju Pal in Prayagraj, was murdered in broad daylight. Exactly a week ago, i.e. last Friday, a bloody match was played on the streets of Prayagraj. The allegation was made against the Atiq Ahmed gang. Atiq Ahmed’s son, Asad Ahmed, is the main defendant in this case. At the same time, it is Guddu Muslim who is most discussed in this massacre. Many kinds of discussions are going on about Guddu Muslim’s bombing action. Many videos of Guddu Muslim taking out the bomb kept in the bag and throwing it on the road are going viral on social media. We talk a lot about his entry and his exploits in the world of crime.

Discussion of planting a bomb on a moving bicycle

Guddu Muslim is said to even attach a bomb to a moving bicycle. Guddu is said to have learned how to make bombs during his school years. He gained such expertise in making bombs that even sitting on the back of a moving motorcycle, he started making bombs. Throwing the bomb from the moving bike at the exact target is also his specialty. It is said that in 4 to 5 minutes, he can make a bomb. In the Umesh Pal murder case, there has been a lot of talk about his bombing method. This video got a lot of love on social media. During the murder of Umesh Pal, he had thrown bombs. The story of Guddu Muslim, who turned to crime from his school days, is different. Let it be known.

The criminal world of Anokhi Guddu

Guddu Muslim had turned to crime during his school years. Began to perform incidents like looting and extortion, learned and mastered the art of making bombs. Fed up with his antics, the family members sent him to Lucknow. After reaching the capital, the scale of his crime kept growing. He has been identified with the Bahubali rulers of Purvanchal, Abhay Singh and Dhananjay Singh. Both were studying at the University of Lucknow. At that time, the teacher murder case was pending against Dhananjay Singh, MP and MP for Jaunpur. Dhananjay Singh had passed his 12th class exam from prison. Passed and came to Lucknow to study. Abhay was also emerging as a great student leader at this time. He was called the right arm of Mukhtar Ansari. In 1997, the two muscular men became a powerful gang and Guddu Muslim was a special member of this gang.

The name first came in the murder of a teacher

The name of Guddu Muslim first appeared on March 7, 1997, in the murder case of Fabric J Gomes, a sports teacher at the famous La Martiniere school in Lucknow. Guddu is arrested. Confessed to the crime in front of the police. He told the police how he had committed the murder. Along with Guddu, Raja Bhargava and Dhananjay Singh were also charged in the case. But, the police could not prove his guilt in court. All three were acquitted. While in Hazratganj police custody, Guddu had also confessed to the murder of entrepreneur Santosh Singh. Santosh Singh was a resident of Baubali chief Abhay Singh’s village. Santosh Singh, a resident of Faizabad, was close to Abhay Singh. Guddu Muslim then said that he argued with Dhananjay Singh and killed Santosh Singh. Two other people confessed to being involved in this massacre. After this massacre, a wall of enmity rose between Abhay and Dhananjay Singh. Meanwhile, Guddu grows closer to Dhananjay.

started to manage calls for tenders

Guddu Muslim made a name for himself in the world of crime while living in Lucknow. Bahubali MLC Ajit Singh then dominated the criminal underworld of Lucknow. He used to get all the contracts for the erection of mobile railway pylons. Bahubali Dhananjay then releases Guddu Muslim to confront Ajit’s gang. Guddu begins to handle the case in his own way. He started getting the tenders on his behalf by threatening department officials with kidnapping and murder. By this time, Guddu Muslim had become a big name to get any tender in his favor. At his request, government tenders began to be adopted. In July 1997, along with Dhananjay Singh, Guddu Muslim was also charged in the case of a State Construction Corporation engineer riddled with bullet holes in the middle of the road.

Sriprakash Shukla has been brought closer

In the game of seizing the government tender, Guddu met Sriprakash Shukla, the state’s mafia don. He had made Sriprakash Shukla his guru. After that, I got into real estate and made a lot of money. Sriprakash Shukla started working with Parvez Tada, Gorakhpur mafia after the encounter. However, many kinds of things are said about the proximity of Sriprakash Shukla. Retired IG Rajesh Pandey, who was a member of the first UP-trained STF, says Guddu was a member of Satyendra Singh, a history leafer from Faizabad. He was shot by Shriprakash Shukla with AK-47 in 1996-97. He says when the STF was formed to find Sriprakash, we had Guddu remanded in custody as well.

Another policeman said Guddu harbored a grudge after the murder of Satyendra Singh. Even tried to attack Sriprakash with raw bomb. By the mid-90s, Guddu had made his mark in the world of crime. While living in Lucknow, he started getting all the contracts for setting up railway mobile towers.

Bihar fled after his release from prison

Guddu spent a lot of time in the OCR building in Hussainganj, Lucknow. Went to jail for the murder of Professor Gomes. After being released from police custody, he fled to Bihar. At that time, he was working with the mafia of Gorakhpur, Parvez Tada. Parvez introduced him to the Bihar mafia, don Udaybhan. In Bihar, he perpetrated many incidents such as looting, kidnapping, bombing and murder. At the invitation of Parvez, he traveled to Gorakhpur to commit crimes. In 2001, on intelligence information, Gorakhpur police arrested him outside Beur prison in Patna. When Guddu went to jail, Atiq Ahmed released him on bail.

Identity made closer to Atiq

Guddu Muslim was known to be close to Atiq since 2001. After meeting Parvez Tada in 2009, he became close friends with Atiq Ahmed. He was ready for anything at Atiq’s request. Due to this, his stature in the gang began to rise. His involvement in the murder case of BSP MP Raju Pal in 2005 has also been highlighted. However, Guddu Muslim’s name was not there in the initial investigation. In 2007, when the Mayawati government arrived, the investigation intensified. Atiq Ahmed became the first target. After that, the names of six more shooters, including Atiq and his family, were revealed. The name of Guddu Muslim was also included in it. Now his role in the Umesh Pal murder case has also become clear.