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Muslim girl adopted Hindu religion to marry her lover, Soni became Saba after taking seven rounds, unique case of Bareilly



Barilly: A unique case has come to light in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, where a Muslim girl converted to Hinduism and married her lover. Saba Bi, a resident of Maini village in Bareilly police station in Aliganj region, married Ankur Deval and converted to Hinduism. He has now changed his name to Soni Deval. At Madinath Agastya Muni Ashram located in Bareilly Nagar, Pandit KK Shankhadhar married her using the Sanatan method.

Saba, who studied through high school, said she was 21. Says he has been in love affair with Visharatganj resident Ankur Deval for about six years. Both wanted to get married, but religion stood in the way. With that, she left her house. On Friday morning, Saba and Ankur joined Pandit KK Shankhadhar at Agatsya Muni Ashram and expressed their desire for marriage.

Pandit KK Shankhdhar said that he purified Saba and married her to Ankur by Sanatan method. Shankhadhar said Saba registered her marriage by giving an affidavit. Now Saba has adopted the Hindu religion and kept her name Soni Deval. Saba said she had duly filed an application for conversion with the Bareilly District Magistrate’s Office.

Father wrote the report as a minor
Saba said her father filed a kidnapping complaint against Ankur and her brother at Aliganj police station on February 1. In this, his age was mentioned as 16, while he is an adult and married of his own free will.

(Report – RB Lal)