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Muzaffarnagar News In Muzaffarnagar, an old man evicted his son from a property named after the governor



Muzaffarnagar: An 80-year-old man, injured by the unworthy child, bequeathed all of his property to the Governor. It was also announced in the will that after his death, even his unworthy children should not attend the funeral. This case is that of Muzaffarnagar in UP.

Tathu Singh, 80, a resident of Biral village in the Budhana tehsil of Muzaffarnagar, has a complete family. The woman died 20 years ago from an illness. Nathu Singh married two sons and four daughters with his own hands. One of his sons is deceased, while the other son is a government teacher in Saharanpur. For 5 months, Nathu Singh has been forced to live in a retirement home. They were told that this happened when it became difficult for them to get bread. Hurt by the behavior of the son and daughter-in-law, Nathu Singh said he made bread with his own hands and ate it. He said he bequeathed about 18 bighas of land worth crores of rupees to the governor of the state. He evicted his son from his property.

‘Even if you shoot me, I won’t give a single piece of land’

Furious at his son’s incompetence, elderly Nathu Singh said he even told the court judge if he should be shot. Will not give a single piece of land to anyone.

Set an example for society

80-year-old veteran Nathu Singh said after evicting the unworthy child from the property, he bequeathed the entire land to the governor. It is said that he presented this example before society. In addition, said he should be seen in all twenty-four, is someone’s child so useless? He presented an ideal by evicting the son from the property, so that the undeserving children of others would understand and be inspired that it can happen to them too.

Serious allegations against her son and daughter-in-law

Nathu Singh said several attempts were made to kill him. It is alleged that an attempt was made to strangle him by locking him in a room. somehow survived. Said he treated his stepdaughter like a daughter. Always used to call his daughter. He alleged that he also misbehaved with them.