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Muzaffarnagar News Nawazuddin Siddiqui surrounded by his wife Aliya and brother made allegations



In Muzaffarnagar, people come face to face over the issue of property. In the latest case, his brother and his wife Alia also made serious allegations against actor Nawazuddin.

Muzaffarnagar: The property dispute in actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s family in Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh has taken the form of an ideological dispute. Nawazuddin, surrounded by the brothers’ claims of ancestral ownership, also had to deal with his wife’s claims. During this, many controversies related to Nawaz were exposed by his younger brother, while the other brother also gave an appropriate response in his favor. Nawazuddin has also been embroiled in controversies regarding the role of maternal uncle Marich in Ramlila to be held in Budhana. Be that as it may, this family, a resident of Budhana in Muzaffarnagar, has been closely associated with controversies. Upon reaching Budhana from Nawazuddin on Wednesday, there is talk of dividing the ancestral property equally among the 6 brothers.

Wife Alia made serious allegations against Nawaz

Aaliya Siddiqui, wife of actor Nawazuddin, filed an FIR at Versova police station in Mumbai in July 2020, in which she made serious allegations against 5 people, including her husband Nawazuddin, her brother-in-law Minajuddin and her mother-in-law Mehrunnisa. Aaliya also alleged that her brother-in-law Minajuddin molested her daughter. To oppose what Nawazuddin refused him. However, after investigating the case, the police had filed a closure report.

Brother Almasuddin was furious when the restaurant opened

In September 2022, Nawazuddin reached Budhana and inaugurated the Mati Restaurant built in the ancestral property by the Union Minister of State, Dr. Sanjeev Balyan. In protest against which his younger brother Almasuddin held a press conference and accused Nawazuddin of opening restaurants on the unpartitioned ancestral property.

War on Twitter between Nawazuddin’s brothers

The tweet war broke out between Nawazuddin’s brothers. Nawazuddin’s younger brother, Faizuddin, is with him, while another brother, Shamas Nawab, has openly opposed him. Which Faizuddin defends. A few days ago, Nawazuddin was the subject of serious allegations by the maid living in his residence in Dubai. Whose video statement was uploaded by Shamas Nawab along with his tweet. After that Med posted another video and gave Nawazuddin a good word and then Shamas Nawab tweeted again saying everything was handled. In response to which Faizuddin sided with actor Nawazuddin and made serious allegations against Shamas Nawab.

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