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NDRF, fire and police troops to be deployed ahead of demolition of twin towers, known plan



Noida. There are only 26 days left for the demolition of the illegal Supertech Twin Tower. From August 2, work to install explosives in the tower will begin. But two days away from the demolition of the tower on August 21, the NDRF team will come from Ghaziabad and take position here. Along with this, around 500 Gautam Budh Nagar police and fire personnel will be deployed around the tower. The company that demolished the tower submitted the vibration forecast report to the Noida Authority. Significantly, on August 21, at 2:30 p.m., the 100-meter-tall Cyan and Apex towers will be demolished.

Flowers and plants will be covered with a plastic sheet

There will be a lot of dust as the illegal Supertech Twin Towers are demolished. It can also harm the environment. However, Edphis and Noida Authority who are working on the demolition of the tower are taking all necessary measures. A plan has been drawn up to deal with the rising dust after the tower collapses. According to the plan, surrounding flowers and plants will be covered with plastic sheeting.

The team of firefighters deployed on the spot will sprinkle water on the dust. At the same time, all necessary measures are taken to ensure that there is no damage to Emerald and ATS buildings near Cyan and Apex towers. NDRF teams are deployed to deal with such a situation.

All types of fuel will be available at 4 stations along the Yamuna Highway, know the plan

The vibration of the explosion will become the basis of compensation

According to the experts associated with the Noida Authority, the towers built next to the twin towers have been kept in the category of offsets. This limit was set according to the insurer’s standards. According to its standards, the company will maintain a team from IIT Chennai on site on the day of the explosion. This IIT team will measure the vibrations during the last explosion. It is the vibration measurement that will determine whether the damage in an apartment is due to an explosion or some other reason. If the sources are to be believed, Rs 102 crore was insured by Tata AIG Life Insurance Company.

Explosives are used to demolish the building

According to the building being demolished, explosives are filled in it. From August 2, the work of filling the explosives in the tower will begin. The column and beam were cut out in a V shape. Now explosive rods will be placed inside. Explosives will be kept continuously from the ground floor to the 1st and 2nd floor. But after that by giving a gap of 4-4 floors, such as 6th after second and 6th after 10th, 14th, 18th and 22nd floors will be kept. According to the sources, around 7,000 holes will be drilled throughout the building.

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