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New name of Kanpur Dehat: Why should the name of Kanpur Dehat be changed?



Kanpur: The demand to change the name of Kanpur Dehat district has started to rise again. Residents of Kanpur Dehat had written a letter to the Chief Minister asking to keep the name Atalji Nagar. At the same time, the entrepreneurs want to change the name of the district from Kanpur Dehat to Kanpur Greater. In this regard, the contractors representative council met with Minister Rakesh Sachan in the state government. The entrepreneurs said that the name Kanpur Dehat gives a sense of backwardness, if the name of Kanpur Dehat is changed to Kanpur Greater, then it will become a vision in the eyes of the entrepreneurs.

Kanpur Dehat is one such district, whose division has been agreed upon and marred many times. On June 09, 1976, a proposal was made to make Kanpur Dehat a separate district of Kanpur district. Thereupon the division of Kanpur district was canceled on 12th July 1977. After that Kanpur Dehat became a separate district on 25th April 1981 by dividing Kanpur district. On July 1, 2010, the then Chief Minister Mayawati changed the name of Kanpur Dehat to Ramabai Nagar. Two years later, on July 30, 2012, then Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav changed Ramabai Nagar’s name to Kanpur Dehat.

Atal ji wants to keep the neighborhood name
The elite people of the countryside of Kanpur had written a letter to the chief minister in the past asking to name the district Atal ji Nagar. The chief minister’s office had also seen the letter from the local people. Wrote a letter to the Secretary of the Department of Revenue, Under-Secretary in the Office of the Chief Minister. After that, the ADM administration formed a three-member team. Committee members will prepare a report after taking suggestions from public officials and the general public regarding the name of the district as Atal ji Nagar. This report will be sent to the government.

There is a feeling of being backward by the name of Kanpur Dehat

Provincial Association of Industries officials met with Minister of Micro, Small, Medium and Exports, Rakesh Sachan at his residence in Kidwai Nagar. Officials said that hearing the name Kanpur Dehat creates the image of a backward district. Kanpur district is connected to Kanpur Nagar. There is a lot of potential for its development. To hear the name of Kanpur Dehat, even the great officers avoid coming. If the name of the district will be Kanpur Greater, officials and entrepreneurs will be eager to come.

huge development potential
The contractors told Minister Rakesh Sachan that Kanpur Dehat district is linked with NH 19 and NH 27. Along with this, the Jhansi and Delhi-Howrah railway also passed through the area. The Bundelkhand highway will also benefit in the coming days. On the other hand, there are more than two thousand small and large industries in the countryside of Kanpur. Raniya and Jainpur are centers of growth. Due to the backward image of Kanpur Dehat, people are running towards Kanpur New City. But Kanpur does not like going to the countryside. He said Kanpur is a name to play the role of Greater Leading. Meanwhile, Minister Rakesh Sachan assured the contractors that their proposal would be submitted to the Chief Minister.