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News from Moradabad: Dalit house vandalized in occupied moradabad house



Moradabad: In Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, a case of intimidation of the village head husband with a Dalit family has come to the fore. It is alleged that the husband of the village head vandalized the Dalit family house and occupied it. When the victim’s family protested, they threatened to kill the family. The victim alleges that the main husband identifies himself as a BJP leader. The victim alleges that the complaint was not heard at the police station. Later, the victim complained to the commander. CO Bilari ordered an investigation into the matter.

Two brothers, the sons of Naresh and Rajendra, residents of the village of Mahaloli in the Kundarki police station area, lead the family by working as laborers. I have been working outside the village for a few days. He says he has an ancestral home in the village, where he lives with his family. For a few days, the two brothers had gone to work with their families. The house is vacant. They learned that the village chief, the husband of the village, had vandalized their house and occupied it. When the Dalit family, who arrived in the village on information, objected, they were threatened with death.

The victim’s family accused the husband of the village chief Asadullah
The Dalit family say that the village head husband is an authoritarian type of person. He intimidates people by posing as a BJP leader. The village has a large Muslim population. It is alleged that because of this, the village chief’s husband was watching his house. The brothers alleged that they went out for pay two days ago. Meanwhile, the village chief’s husband, Asadullah, and his followers stormed his house in broad daylight. They ransacked the house and took everything they found. It is alleged that the main husband also openly stated that Dalits would not be allowed to live in the village at any cost.

The village chief’s husband was charged with murder
The victim’s family say their mother was murdered in 2009, in which the village chief’s husband was charged with murder. We are afraid after the murder of the mother. The papers related to the case were kept in the house. Of which during the demolition of the house, the main husband also took with him the paper related to the case.

CO Bilari arrived to investigate the incident
Following a complaint from the victim’s family, CO Bilari went to the scene to investigate the incident. He interacted with people about the incident. CO Bilari has investigated and says action will be taken against the accused. Meanwhile, CO Bilari claims that the victim’s family is not Dalit. The investigation revealed that a few years ago the family converted to Valmiki Samaj. The house was sold to the village chief husband, he did his benama, but an attempt was made to occupy it illegally. A complaint was filed against the accused in this regard.
Entrance – Sajrul Hussain

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