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news of the crime from gorakhpur, sir! Husband goes to police station after killing wife in Gorakhpur crime news



Gorakhpur: A surprising case came to light in Gorakhpur of UP, when after reaching the police station, the person filed a complaint at the police station and said that they are arresting me, I am the killer of my wife . Hearing this, all the police officers present were surprised. When the police arrived on the scene to find out the truth of the case, the woman’s corpse was lying in the house.

Wife Murder Husband Said – There’s No Regret

An incident has come to light in the locality of Khoonipur in Thana Rajghat where a 50-year-old man killed his 47-year-old wife by strangulation and while filing a complaint came to the police station and told the police officer Stop -I killed my wife. The husband said behind the murder that my wife was related to a young man half her age living in the neighborhood. When I was not there, this young man came to the house, for this there were many quarrels between us, husband and wife. But the woman was not ready to accept.

There was an argument between us about this on Tuesday night as well and in a fit of rage I strangled my wife to death. I don’t regret it, I punished him for his act. Now, whatever punishment the law may give me, I have no regrets about it.

The woman had an affair with a boy who is half her age

Disclosing the above matter, SP City Krishna Kumar Vishnoi said today that on Tuesday evening a person named Sharat Chandra Pal came to Rajghat police station and while filing his own complaint said that he had strangled his wife to death, please arrest me. . When we arrived at the place to know the truth about the case, the truth was in front with the woman’s corpse.

SP City said Sharadchandra Pal, who runs a grocery store in the locality, lives with his wife and two children. For the past few days, Sharad has been suspicious of his wife’s illicit relationship with a boy half her age living in the neighborhood. There were frequent quarrels between husband and wife over this. There was a fight between the two on Tuesday afternoon too, meanwhile, in a fit of rage, the husband strangled his 47-year-old wife Neelam to death and after reaching the police station, filed a complaint stating that she was responsible for the murder. On the basis of Tahrir, further steps are taken by registering a case against the accused.
Report – Pramod Pal