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Nirhua fiercely told Akhilesh and Swami



Azamgarh: BJP MP Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua, who reached Azamgarh, spoke fiercely about the Samajwadi party. Attacking SP, he said that Samajwadi party government will not come in 2027, it will not come before 7 births if any officer or leader is under any illusions because the people of this country have known about it. The son of the prime minister of this country, the son of the chief minister has no right to run this country. People have the right to run this country. The country will run according to the wishes of the people.

Nirhua said people across the country want India to grow stronger under the leadership of Narendra Modi. At the same time, under the leadership of CM Yogi, our state is continuously progressing. Those who dream, let them dream, you can relax and trust CM Yogi, our country is moving forward under PM Modi.

MP Nirhua viciously attacked Swami Prasad Maurya
Nirhua said you know Ram was there in every era, Ravan was also there, Krishna was there and Kansa was also there. If Krishna was born in Yadukul, then Kansa was also born in the same dynasty. I mean if at that time also in Kalyug, people who believe in God are worshipers of God, they are also those who follow religion. Some people are also unjust, who will be unjust will speak against our religion.

Nirhua said he will speak against our Ram, he will speak against our Ramcharitmanas, but the way God destroyed the unrighteous, I understand that today is the time, at present, Lord Ram is in the heart of our people. Krishna Jai ​​Ganges and will punish those wrongdoers.