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NMRC CNG buses will run on these 6 routes in Greater Noida



Greater Noida: In addition to Noida, new CNG buses will also be seen very soon on the roads of Greater Noida. CEO Ritu Maheshwari (CEO Ritu Maheshwari) on Thursday sealed the proposed six routes of Greater Noida after meeting with NMRC. Apart from six, the buses operated by the causeways will continue to run on other routes.

Greater Noida Authority CEO Ritu Maheshwari in the presence of ACEO Aditi Singh confirmed the six routes.

Route 1 from GBU to Kulesara Hindon Bridge
The first route is from GBU to Kulesara Hindon Bridge. Buses on this route will pass through Kasna, Honda Crossing, Venice Mall, Pari Chowk, Alpha One, Jagat Farm, Surajpur Chowk, Haldoni.

Route 2 from Pari Chowk to Pari Chowk
The second route will go from Pari Chowk to Pari Chowk via Alpha Commercial Belt, Ryan Golchakkar, OCP Mall, Greno Office, Sector-37 Rotary City, etc. The third route was decided by connecting Jagat Farm to Jagat Farm via LG Chowk, Sharda University, Lloyd College, Galgotia College, P3 Golchakkar, Ryan Golchakkar, etc.

Fourth route, from Rise Chowk
The fourth route has been created to connect Rise Chowk to Rise Chowk via Knowledge Park-5, Gaur City Mall, Hanuman Mandir Chowk, etc.

Capitol Athena of the Fifth Route Four Statue
The fifth route is Char Murti to Capital Athena via Gaur City One Way, Gaur City Mall, Ek Murti Chowk, Eco Village One.

Sixth road roundabout from Char Murti to Char Murti
The sixth route has been set from Char Murti Golchakkar to Char Murti Police Chowki via Gaur City Centre, Ek Murti, Techzone-7 Rotary, Eros Sampurnanam, Gaur Soundaryam. Keeping these routes in mind, CEO Ritu Maheshwari requested the NMRC to operate the buses soon after completing the formalities.