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Noida CBSE result: village disappeared due to lack of money in lockdown, no mobile internet there at the moment, best school – cbse 12 result student shakti singh success story



Naida: Due to Corona, in the online studies carried out for 2 years, on the one hand, despite all the conveniences, the level of education of many students has dropped. There are also students in the schools in the city who had to leave the city and go to the village due to lack of money due to lockdown and there was no proper internet facility there. Despite this, he maintained his autodidact and finished 12th with good marks. One such student is Shakti Singh, a student of City Public located in Sector 61. Due to Shakti’s father’s work closure, he stayed in his village located in Ambedkar Nagar district for about 1 year. Meanwhile, mobile and internet facilities were also not available properly. Even after that, he topped his school with 96% marks.

Occasionally used to demand mobile from others, online courses
Shakti Singh said he lives rented in Sector 22 with his 4 siblings. The father does odd jobs related to the construction of buildings. From the start of confinement in 2020, his father’s activity came to a complete halt. All borrowed money remained blocked. There was a problem of same dal and roti in the house. Her father took the family to his village in eastern UP. Somehow the family made a living by staying there. Shakti said he initially didn’t have a cell phone for several months. Sometimes they tried to take online courses by asking for someone’s cell phone.

There was also the problem, one was that the signal did not arrive properly and there was no money to top up the mobile data. Because of this, for about a year, his online education was also minimal. However, he continued his autodidact. He used to sit down to study at the start of the school year and study by setting a daily goal. There he had no money for school fees and there was no one to teach.