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Noida Electricity Bill: UPPS has given facilities, now electricity consumers in Noida will be able to deposit electricity bill at ration quota shops



Noida Electricity Bill News: Steps are being taken to overcome electricity bill shocks in Noida. The UPPCL has given great relief to consumers to get rid of the electricity bill crisis. A measure has been taken to avoid the hassle of online billing and long queues at billing counters.

Electricity bill

strong points

  • electricity consumers in noida will be able to deposit bills at ration quota stores
  • A plan has been drawn up to save electricity bills from the long line of meters
  • Consumers will also be relieved from the problem of submitting invoices online
Naida: You live in Noida. There is a problem paying the electricity bill. The fear of being fined for not paying the electricity bill on time troubles me. Presenting a software issue when depositing money online. The long queue at the electricity bill counter adds to the difficulties. All of these issues are now resolved. Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited has now given option to drop electricity bills to consumers on nearest ration quota. Chief Engineer of Noida, Rajeev Mohan, said if all the electricity consumers in the district are not able to drop off the bill by going to the nearest substation, they can also drop off the bill. by visiting the nearest ration quota store.

Chief engineer Rajeev Mohan said electricity consumers would not be charged extra for dropping off bills at the nearest ration quota store. If you have any inconvenience while filing the electricity bill, you can also solve your problem by dialing 1912. With this type of installation, the electricity department is told to pay the bill on time. At the same time, consumer problems will also disappear. Previously, this type of facility was also granted to electricity consumers in Kanpur.

Work on the plan to relieve consumers

Work is underway on the plan to provide relief to consumers in Noida. Recently, Noida Power Company Limited has planned to launch a program for increasing consumer electricity consumption. This will help consumers reduce the electricity bill. NPCL has entered into an agreement with the Norwegian government in this regard. Under this, the “Demand Response Program” will commence in Greater Noida. Energy management will be encouraged through this pilot project. Thanks to this, electricity consumers will have the opportunity to manage electricity consumption in active mode during peak hours.

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