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Noida-Greno air again in red zone, increasing AQI, these strict rules apply to many commercial units including hotels, restaurants



AQI Update: Due to bad air, i.e. pollution, it becomes difficult for people to breathe in the open air. In terms of AQI, Noida was the second most polluted city after Delhi along with Ghaziabad. In this regard, strict measures are taken against units that increase pollution. No burning of coal or wood will be allowed here.

air quality index aqi noida greater noida delhi ncr
air quality index update
Naida: City air again reached the severe category. As directed by the Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM), GRAP-2 (Graded Response Action Plan) has been implemented in Noida-Greno. Noida-Greno will no longer be allowed to operate DG sets, burning coal and wood including tandoor in hotels, restaurants and dhabas. The Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) team has agreed to take action as per CAQM order on the operation of pollution promoting units. If the level of pollution remains the same in the future, people might also face health problems. Noida’s air quality index (AQI) was recorded at 356 and Greno’s at 336 on Friday.

In the past 24 hours, an increase of 109 points has been registered in the AQI of Noida and 101 points in Greno. Noida and Ghaziabad remained the second most polluted cities in the NCR. The weather is dry and the wind is calm. In such a situation, pollution can only be prevented from increasing by strictly following the GRAP-2 rules on polluting units. Piles of rubbish are set on fire in various places in the city. The department responsible will also have to keep an eye on these incidents.

Take care during the morning walk

Pradeep Shailat, a general practitioner at the district hospital, said the level of pollution had risen for two days. Its effect is also visible in the OPD of the hospital. Patients with cold allergies, including respiratory, viral infections, dust allergies and smoke allergies, have also increased. If the level of pollution remains the same, the number of patients can increase by up to 30%. In such a situation, people should wear masks when leaving the house. It is necessary to take special care during the morning walk.

keep these things in mind

Add basil, ginger, cloves, black pepper to tea and milk and drink it to avoid getting sick from cold and pollution.
Take coarse grains in this season to keep health good. Also eat bajra roti and khichdi. It contains protein, calcium, magnesium.
Leaving the house in the morning, apply mustard, coconut, sesame oil in the nose with your finger, so that the pollution elements cannot reach the lungs through the nose.
When you go home in the evening, drink hot water, tea and soup, even this can be avoided to a large extent by the disease caused by pollution.
In this season, stay away from cold things like ice cream, cold drinks and food from outside. Do not eat foods stored in the open air at all.

Pollution level in the NCR

Faridadabad – 317
Ghaziabad – 353

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