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Noida News: 3 neighboring towers to be covered before demolition of supertech noida twin towers



Naida: As the date for the demolition of the twin towers in Noida draws near, the concern of people living in the surrounding societies is increasing. Agency officials who are preparing for the demolition of the tower on Sunday, accompanied by the AOA, visited the area and dispelled the doubts of the population. Meanwhile, Building Officer Mayur Mehta, AOA Security Committee Chairman Gaurav Mehrotra, Anshul Saxena, Ravi Kapoor, Mukesh Gupta and Sapna Raghav were present.

Q- What is being done to prevent dust, dirt and debris from coming towards the company?
Prior to the explosion, three Emerald Court Society towers, Aspire One, Aster-1 and Aster 2, would be completely covered, an Edifice official said. The covering work will begin from the 11th floor. With this, even if a piece succeeds, there will be no damage to the towers.

Q- How will the debris released during the demolition of the twin towers be avoided?
Agency officials said there was no reason to panic. Before the demolition of the twin towers, containers will be placed after the buffer zone whose work has started at a steady pace. A fairly wide corridor was dug for the buffer zone to reduce vibration during blasting.

Three layers of containers will be placed in the buffer zone adjacent to the company. Tires are installed between the container and the company, to reduce vibrations. It is being installed near the Aster 2 tower.