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Noida News Husband jumps from 20th floor when stopped drinking alcohol in Noida



In Noida, near Delhi, the wife stopped her husband from drinking and then the husband committed suicide by jumping from the 20th floor. The police came to the information and sent the body for an autopsy.

Jumped up
Manish Singh, Noida: When the husband refused to drink alcohol, he jumped from the 20th floor of Mahagun Modern Housing Society, Sector 78, Noida. The girl’s father was a businessman. He was drinking alcohol sitting at home. Due to which there was a quarrel between husband and wife, and the businessman took such a dangerous step in anger.

The police station in charge of Noida Police Station-113 said the information was received on February 27, 2023 at around 10:45 p.m. under the station area. Tarun Kumar Tiwari, a resident of Mahagun Modern Housing Society Ferreira Tower, Sector 78, Noida, committed suicide by jumping from the 20th floor balcony. Mahagun lived on the 20th floor of Modern Society Tower Ferreira with his wife and 13-year-old daughter. The deceased owns a pipe manufacturing factory in Alwar, Rajasthan. Last Monday, he was drinking in his apartment. Her 13-year-old daughter studies in class VIII.

The girl had an exam the next day, for which she was preparing. Thereupon the wife told her husband that the girl had an exam. She studies. She is bothered by drinking alcohol. Hearing this, there was an argument between husband and wife, and the businessman husband gave his life by jumping from the balcony of the 20th floor of his apartment. After getting the information, the police arrived at the scene and after calling the forensic team, the panchayatnama of the corpse was done and the autopsy was done. Later, the post-mortem body was released to relatives.

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