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Noida News: Order for charas ganja pulled from Instagram reel, delivery man told how gang used to work before



In the era of reels, drug businessmen have now started making money from this platform. In the latest case, the police caught a delivery man. Who revealed the shocking truth in front of the police during an interrogation. Police say this racket provides ganja charas by taking orders in the reel comments to sell it.

Noida News: Order for charas ganja pulled from Instagram reel, delivery man told how gang used to work before
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Naida: On social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook currently have more viewers. Not only social media influencers but drug dealers have also started taking advantage. The Sector 24 Police Station caught one such racket selling ganja charas, which was stocked up by taking orders in the reel comments. Many young delivery men are employed in this racket. The police caught a delivery man who delivered the order near Sector-54. This gave information about the entire racket.

On behalf of the police station, it was said that the name of the arrested accused is Mandeep who is originally a resident of Jind in Haryana. Lived in rented accommodation in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi. He said his accomplices Pradeep and Pankaj used to take orders online. Whoever placed an order via Reel received a link to Telegram and a WhatsApp number. Then the money was called in advance through UPI. It fetched 150 to 200 rupees per delivery. On Saturday, he came by bike with ganja to stock up in Noida.

The police also tried to gather information about areas of the city that were ordering ganja. In this, it appeared that there was more supply in IT, BPO, hostel and college-university companies. Buyers mostly placed orders for ganja and charas with fake IDs.

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