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Noida Traffic Diversion: Traffic jams will end in Greater Noida West! ithara golchakkar diversion traffic jam will be finished in greater noida



Greater Noida: Jam-struggling Greno West is hopeful for relief. After the series of NBT in Greno West, the traffic police began to take strict measures. This will not only ease the road for people living here, but also relieve traffic congestion for commuters traveling to and from Ghaziabad, Noida and Greater Noida via this road. The traffic police decided to make a diversion at the Ithera roundabout. Vehicles coming from the Char Murti intersection will not be able to turn around at this intersection. In addition, vehicles coming from Crossing Republic will also not be able to cross this intersection. Drivers will need to use the U-turn in front of the Ithera roundabout. Recently, Mahajam’s photo at the Ithera crossroads also went viral.

The NBT had highlighted this issue to solve the problem by drawing the attention of the government apparatus to the traffic jams in the streets and roundabouts of Greno West. Due to this stuffing, the problems experienced by people settled here have been highlighted throughout the series. From there, we talked about the traffic jam at intersections, its reasons and further planning by the Greater Noida Authority. The whole area is choked due to the jam at the four main intersections of Hanuman idol, one idol, Ithera and four idols. Previously, jamming only took place at the Char Murti intersection. Due to the increasing pressure of vehicles, the traffic police here had reduced by permanent diversion a few years ago, but due to the continuous increase of the population in the area, there is a huge traffic jam at d other intersections, especially on weekends, which are The images are also going viral on social media.

This change was made to improve the circulation system. Its results will be seen. In the future also in some places where changes are necessary, these will also be made.

Ganesh Prasad Saha, DCP Traffic

U-turn in front of the roundabout
Now the traffic police have decided to set up a diversion on the Ithera roundabout as well. Vehicles coming from the Char Murti side at this intersection will no longer be able to turn around. These vehicles will have to pass 100 meters before the intersection and return in a U-turn. In addition, vehicles coming from Crossing Republic will also not be able to cross this intersection. These vehicles will have to turn left at the crossroads and then make the same U-turn and head towards Char Murti. However, vehicles coming from a side crossing a statue will be able to go from this intersection towards Crossing Republic and also go back.

diversion question
People who live here believe that due to this diversion, the situation here may get worse. If traffic cops are not stationed here, drivers will try to cross the intersection in the wrong direction, which can lead to a bigger traffic jam. Currently, the intersection is closed on one side only. On the other hand, due to the absence of a U-turn towards the crossroads of the four murti, the crossroads cannot be closed on this side.