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Noida Twin Tower: How much will the twin tower debris cost and where will it go? CBRI asks 5 questions to Noida authority on demolition – what will happen with twin tower debris after demolition of supertech noida tower



Naida: The Central Building Research Institute has sent its queries to the Noida Authority on the preparation for the demolition of the Noida Twin Towers. According to sources, the CBRI sent its letter with questions to the authority on Monday afternoon. There are 5 questions in there, which must be answered by the builder Supertech and the agency carrying out the demolition work on the tower.

Noida Authority has sent a letter to the builder and the agency to respond to the issues raised by CBRI. Significantly, during the July 29 Supreme Court hearing, the CBRI said the builder and the agency were not providing the requested information. After that, the court had entrusted this responsibility to the authority.

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The CBRI’s main question relates to the vibration report prepared by the agency. This report was prepared based on test firings on April 10. The agency had handed him over to the authority and the CBRI on July 12. Based on this, it was claimed that all buildings within 30 meters of the Twin Tower would not be affected. If it’s too much, the plaster may crack. Structural audit is also not required in surrounding buildings.

The CBRI asked for clarification of the position on other points, including the basis for this assertion. Previously, this information had been sought by the CBRI from the builder and the agency, but the two had not obtained it. Also, on what basis did the agency assess the debris that came out after the tower was demolished. How much debris will be there and where it will go is also included in the CBRI questions.
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Some clarifications were also requested from the CBRI regarding the structural audit before and after demolition. CBRI demanded Rs 70 lakh as consultancy fees for the demolition of the twin towers. The court ordered the builder to pay the consultation fees.