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Notice to fake hospitals in Gorakhpur, CMO Ashutosh Dubey has formed a committee to investigate



Rajat Bhatt, Gorakhpur: For the past month, notices have been posted in CM City Gorakhpur listing fake hospitals. CMO Ashutosh Dubey said that for the past month these hospitals in the district have been under investigation, which are being operated fraudulently. Doctors have removed their names from more than 100 hospitals in the district. The doctors submitted an affidavit to the health department.

Response requested from hospitals

The department sought answers by sending notices to several hospitals. There are more than 100 such hospitals in the district, from which the doctors removed their names. Notices have been sent to more than 25 hospitals. The hospitals were invited to report to the CMO office within 15 days with the necessary papers as well as the doctors and their certificates.

The committee will examine the diploma of the doctors

In addition to sending notices to hospitals, Ashutosh Dubey, CMO of the district hospital, has formed a committee. The diploma of the doctors will be examined by this commission. For the past month, measures have been taken by the CMO against hospitals operating illegally. A list of about 150 doctors has been drawn up in the district. These are the doctors who gave an affidavit to serve 24 hours in more than one hospital. On this basis, the registration of more than 300 hospitals was also carried out.

CMO Ashutosh Dubey said notice has been given to hospitals that do not have doctors. The notice was only given for 15 days. After that, a reminder will be sent. Even on this, if no one comes with the paper from the hospital, then with the departmental action against these hospitals, legal action will also be ensured.