Notice to madrasa which approached within 500 meters of the Taj Mahal, anger of the population due to the action of the authority

Notice to madrasa which approached within 500 meters of the Taj Mahal, anger of the population due to the action of the authority

Agra: The Agra Development Authority has pasted the closure notice on the madrasa within a radius of 500 meters from the Taj Mahal’s perimeter wall. After this notice, anger spread among the local people due to the action of the authority. Free education is said to be imparted in madrasas. There is no commercial activity here. There is a plan to deny education to children attending the madrasa, while the madrasa is part of the mosque. He was also cleared of any action by the Supreme Court in 1996.

On September 26, the Supreme Court, on the plea of ​​MC Mehta Vs Union Bank, ordered the suppression of all commercial activities within 500 meters of the Taj Mahal’s perimeter wall. According to the order, the Agra Development Authority has started the boundary survey of the Taj Mahal. In this sequence, the ADA investigation team pasted notices on the establishments of all traders within a radius of 500 meters. In it, instructions are given to close all business enterprises until October 17. The authority’s investigation team also pasted a notice on the madrassa located near the east gate of the Taj Mahal on October 2. After this advice, there is indignation among the local population.

In 1996, the Supreme Court had freed
Madrasa Afzal Umul stands in the Shahi Mosque at the eastern gate of the Taj Mahal. It was built in 1969. The director of the madrasa, Kalimuddin says that the madrasa is 53 years old. Even before that, in 1996, the Supreme Court acquitted the mosque and madrasa of its action. No commercial activity takes place there. Children attend school free of charge. The authority officers stuck the notice in front of the peon outside the gate.

Residents expressed their anger
Ibrahim Zaidi, a local resident, says that according to the Supreme Court order, there is a business suppression order, but Afsal Uloom Madrasa is an orphanage. Here, orphaned children are fed and housed for free. People come here to donate. There is no monetary transaction. On Sunday afternoon, when the authority officials came to the madrasa, they left with a notice from outside. The madrasa is open on Mondays. Children are educated here.

What is the name of the vice-president of the authority?
Vichit Gaur, deputy chairman of the Agra Development Authority, says no action is taken against a religious institution. Only commercial activities are stopped. No action will be taken on mosques and madrasas.
Report – Sunil Saket


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