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Now, patients will be able to avail physiotherapy treatment for Rs 3 to 5. The facility has started at Gorakhpur District Hospital



Gorakhpur: Now do physiotherapy at Gorakhpur district hospital for just Rs 3-5. Yes, you will be surprised to know that this facility will be available in district hospital for only ₹3. People of Gorakhpur need not visit expensive private physiotherapy centers for this. He started today at the district hospital from Monday. Which was inaugurated by CMO Ashutosh Kumar Dubey by cutting the ribbon.

This system started after 116 years of establishment
The government seems determined to ensure that the state health system is fit and proper which has been observed in Gorakhpur where Gorakhpur District Hospital has started providing physiotherapy facilities to patients from of Monday, 116 years after its creation. This physiotherapy center was inaugurated by CMO Ashutosh Kumar Dubey by cutting the ribbon in the presence of Chief Medical Superintendent Rajendra Thakur.

You will be surprised to know that patients from Gorakhpur and surrounding areas will be able to avail this facility in just Rs.3 to Rs.5, for which they had to spend Rs.300 to Rs.500 outside. Which was beyond the reach of ordinary people, but after the opening of physiotherapy center in Gorakhpur district hospital, people are going to get great relief. People are very happy with the introduction of this facility.

Physiotherapy can be done from ₹3 to ₹5
Meanwhile, Ashutosh Kumar Dubey said that patients in Gorakhpur and surrounding districts will get a lot of benefit from this facility as no one can provide this facility at such low cost. Which turns out to be a very costly process, but this facility will be available at the district hospital for just Rs 3-5. Ashutosh Kumar Dubey said physiotherapy is a modern name. But this process has been going on for years in our Sanatan Dharma, yoga has been prevalent in our India since the days of the sages, the same process is today known as physiotherapy.

The therapy center will be equipped with modern facilities and techniques
The SIC of the district hospital, Dr. Rajendra Kumar Thakur said that the opening of the physiotherapy center in Ward No. 53 of the district hospital will greatly benefit the patients of Gorakhpur and surrounding areas. Dr. Thakur said that after any surgery, this therapy is needed to get the body part moving again. Where exercises and physical activities are performed on patients under the supervision of experts. Some special machines are used for this.

The center is equipped with modern facilities and technologies. Where patients will only have to spend Rs 3 to 5 to avail this facility, different charges have been set for different facilities. This will prove to be a boon for poor patients in Gorakhpur town and surrounding villages. The effort and the idea to open this center had been going on for several years, when this matter came to the ears of the Chief Minister, he immediately became aware of it and obtained permission to open it.

Report – Pramod Pal