Om Prakash Rajbhar: We accept the divorce of sp…

Om Prakash Rajbhar: We accept the divorce of sp…

Lucknow: The Yogi government returned to power in Uttar Pradesh had just completed 100 days as the knots of the Samajwadi party alliance began to open. First Keshav Dev Maurya and now Shivpal Yadav and OP Rajbhar have rebelled. At the same time, the Samajwadi party also wrote a letter to its allies Shivpal Yadav and Om Prakash Rajbhar to advise them. While posting a letter to the two leaders, SP said if you feel like you’ll get more respect, then you’re free to go. Meanwhile, the current head of Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj (Subhapsa), OP Rajbhar also gave his answer.

National Chairman of Subhaspa and MPP Om Prakash Rajbhar replied to SP letter saying his (Akhilesh Yadav) divorce has come, we have accepted his divorce. Meanwhile, Om Prakash Rajbhar talked about telling the next strategy when the time comes but meanwhile, while talking to reporters in Lucknow, Rajbhar gave indications of alliance with BSP praising the work of the former Chief Minister and Supreme BSP Mayawati. .

The SP has distanced itself from the rebel leaders
Subhespa national chairman Om Prakash Rajbhar and SP leader Akhilesh Yadav had formed an alliance to oust the BJP from power in the 2022 UP assembly elections. In this alliance, many small parties including RLD, Praspa, Mahan Dal, Apna Dal Kameravadi had come together, but after seeing the election results, SP ally Akhilesh started to increase the distance. Shivpal Yadav also expressed his displeasure at not being invited to PS meetings.

OP Rajbhar was constantly giving advice to Akhilesh
On the other hand, OP Rajbhar became a rebel after failing to get a vote in the MLC elections and not being invited to the press conference at the SP office regarding Yashwant Sinha in the presidential election and was constantly advising to Akhilesh Yadav to get out of AC. Meanwhile, Shivpal and Rajbhar gave the SP a boost by saying they would vote for NDA candidate Draupadi Murmu in the presidential election. At the same time, the Samajwadi party also took the decision to distance itself from the two leaders. In the official letter released by the Samajwadi party on Saturday, it was said to give freedom to the two leaders to stay away from the party.

SP wrote a letter to OP Rajbhar
The letter which was written by Samajwadi party to Chief Subhaspa Om Prakash Rajbhar who was an alliance partner. It was said there that Om Prakash Rajbhar Ji Samajwadi party is constantly fighting against Bharatiya Janata party, you have alliance with BJP and constantly work to strengthen BJP, if you think you will get more respect then there you are free to go. A similar letter was also written on behalf of SP MLA and PSP leader Shivpal Yadav, in which it was said that if you think you will get more respect, you are free to go.
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