OPINION: Why are we trying to link the Srikant Tyagi case to caste? – opinion why is there an attempt to link the srikant tyagi case with caste politics

OPINION: Why are we trying to link the Srikant Tyagi case to caste?  – opinion why is there an attempt to link the srikant tyagi case with caste politics

Luck now: Shrikant Tyagi who committed indecency with a woman in Grand Omaxe society in Noida is currently in jail. The voices of protest that arose after the incident were not yet over as the policy began with the support of Shrikant Tyagi. Caste politics began to spread. De Mahesh Sharma, the leader of the Tyagi society, accuses the police. In this case, a Mahapanchayat was called in the Gejha village of Noida on August 21. Naresh Tikait, the national president of the Bharatiya Kisan Union, announced that he would participate in this mahapanchayat. Their demand is that the government release Srikkanth unconditionally. BJP MPs themselves are seen back, they have to explain themselves. At the same time, the Rashtriya Lok Dal also openly spoke out in favor of Shrikant Tyagi. He says that partisan measures have been taken. Rashtriya Lok Dal leader Trilok Tyagi reached Noida Grand Omaxe Society on Wednesday. He met Shrikant Tyagi’s wife, Anu Tyagi, and their children. After this meeting, he attacked the police, the administration and the government in the case of Shrikant Tyagi. But many questions arise in people’s minds regarding this whole matter. The big question is, why did the incident of abusing a woman, threatening her, beating her in public began to be associated with caste? How did the attitude of leaders who talk about not doing caste politics change in the Srikant Tyagi episode? The criminal can belong to any company, so why is this case related to the Tyagi company?

Let’s start by understanding the whole thing. On the day this incident happened and the abusive video of Shrikant Tyagi went viral, no action was taken by the police. The next day, when some people broke into the society and the incident of abuse, stone throwing was discovered and the society members grabbed boys, the rowdiness became greater. BJP MPs also got to the point in this matter. A video of him has gone viral, in which he complains about the whole affair to Home Extra Chief Secretary Avnish Awasthi on the phone. When the video of the MP’s statement went viral, there was a stir from the government to the administration. After that a quick raid was launched and all people including Shrikant Tyagi were arrested. The police had also taken Shrikant Tyagi’s wife and after arresting Shrikant Tyagi, joined her to drop him off at his house. Shrikant Tyagi is now in jail. Recently, his bail request was denied.

After his arrest, Srikant Tyagi’s wife, Anu, alleged that the police misbehaved with her. The police tortured me mentally, despite my full cooperation in the investigation, the police took my phone away from me. I was interrogated like a criminal. Whenever the police felt it, they picked me up at home. During this time my children were also harassed, am I not a woman?. On the other hand, the Noida police have denied these allegations. Additional DCP (Central Noida) Ankita Sharma said that we have also deployed security personnel outside her house so that there is no harm to the family. We treated them with great respect. Police also denied that the phone was confiscated.

But the matter did not end there. A new twist in the story came when some organizations linked Srikanth’s arrest to the Tyagi Samaj. In western Uttar Pradesh, the Tyagi community is considered to have a good number of assembly seats and this vote bank was seen as close to the BJP in the last elections. Tyagi Samaj leaders accused the police of acting biased and needlessly torturing Shrikant Tyagi’s family. Discussions of internal opposition have also started to be heard in the BJP.

In this case, a Mahapanchayat was announced in Noida in support of Shrikant Tyagi on August 21. This Mahapanchayat of Tyagi Samaj was convened on August 21 in the Gejha village of Noida. In fact, this village belongs to Anu Tyagi, wife of Shrikant Tyagi. The protest is about the action of MP Mahesh Sharma and Noida Police. It is alleged that it was only at the request of the MP that the police acted as goons on Srikant’s wife and others.

All the leaders of the society are working hard to make this Mahapanchayat a success. Hari Om Tyagi, Chairman of Tyagi Sabha District and National Chairman of Tyagi Brahmin Samaj Avinash Tyagi held public relations meetings in the villages of Baloda, Ghumavati, Maharaipur, Chhapar, Barla, Qutubpur and Khaikhedi. They say the vandalism with Shrikant Tyagi’s family is a conspiracy. The answer will be given to the Mahapanchayat government. On the other hand, Mangeram Tyagi, Vice Chairman of Bharatiya Kisan Union, Western Uttar Pradesh, claims that Tyagi society always votes for BJP. Society does not believe in agitation, in sabotage but the government forced it.

By the way, soon after the protest was raised on behalf of the Tyagi company, seeing the matter mount, MP Mahesh Sharma himself had clarified by posting a letter. Mahesh Sharma wrote this letter to the locals. He first said in the letter in the Omaxe company case that when he arrived at the scene after the incident, the people there were scared. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, I called Awanish Awasthi (Additional Chief Secretary, Home) and informed him of the incident. After 30 minutes, local policeman and MP Pankaj Singh had also arrived there. Regarding all these things, some people spread false propaganda against me on social media that I speak against any society. Mahesh Sharma further wrote that my heart became sad after seeing such things. I am indebted to this region that by rising above the fraternity caste, I received the affection of the people of the region. I’ve lived in the city for 39 years but I’ve never done religion, caste or fraternity politics. He said that I have my deepest sympathy for Shrikant Tyagi’s family. Tyagi Samaj has always been a BJP supporter and I haven’t said a single word about Tyagi Samaj.

Not only that, female victim Anna Aggarwal also posted the video and called not to make this case Tyagi vs Aggarwal or BJP. Don’t make it a political issue. Anna Aggarwal said in her video that this case only involves one company. Yes, they did a lot of harm, but if Noida Police had taken this action sooner, it wouldn’t have increased so much. If the people and guards in my company hadn’t been afraid of him, then this talk wouldn’t have spread. This thing got into the media and then it spread everywhere. Anna Aggarwal said: “If the media hadn’t told the truth, the story wouldn’t have spread so much. He hurt me, so he’s being punished. He hurt a lot of people. It shouldn’t be a political issue. Don’t blame yourself in this case. He said that our fight should not become a political issue. It is wrong to associate the BJP with this incident. Not all solitaires are bad and not all agarwals are very good.

In this matter, the Rashtriya Lok Dal has also spoken openly in favor of Shrikant Tyagi. Rashtriya Lok Dal leader Trilok Tyagi reached Noida Grand Omaxe Society on Wednesday. There he met Shrikant Tyagi’s wife, Anu Tyagi, and their children. Even before this meeting, he had attacked the police, the administration and the government in the case of Shrikant Tyagi. He assured support for family members. Trilok Tyagi, after meeting Srikant’s wife and children, accused the police of torturing them. He reiterated that the police and the administration acted unilaterally in this case. He assured Shrikant’s family that Rashtriya Lok Dal stands shoulder to shoulder with Shrikant’s family. He will have the full support of the party. Earlier, Trilok Tyagi held a press conference at Noida Media Club on Tuesday and accused the police of unilateral action in the Srikant Tyagi case. After Trilok Tyagi’s encounter with Anu Tyagi and the children, Grand Omaxe society and the surrounding area are hot.

The only thing is that whatever the criminal who shows up in society, he must belong to one or another caste-religion. The big question in front of the rulers is what kind of policy do they want to do for the betterment of society – this criminal should be punished by putting him in the dock or this criminal should be considered on the basis of caste -religion?


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